Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Karma is a Bitch!

On the IPOD "Thinking of you" by: Greg Holden

So I went with my mom to an "On the Ball" class thinking that it would be fun and a nice little stretch... I mean we bought some of those balls years ago and it was always great fun to bounce on them. Little did I know that it was going to be torture, my first clue should've been that every girl in the class was pretty ripped. I kept thinking "is this ball getting heavier? Maybe I should've gotten the smaller ball" I have never felt such intense pain in my abs, I even feel a bit nauseous this morning.

I treated myself to a concert with the girls last night. It was amazing , there is truly nothing better than live music. It creates such an amazing energy that I really think has the power to change your life. I mean a song has so much power it can make you happy or sad, it can inspire you, it can make you feel many possibilities.

I made a very interesting discovery last night when I was discussing my life with my friend Jamie while I was a bit drunk (this is truly the best way to discuss your life.) I realized that what helps me lose weight the most is to have a certain amount of anger built up. Actually the more pissed off I get the more I stay on track. And it really helps when I'm working out. Its kind of an "I'll show you mentality" I mean not really a kind of it is!! So I'd like everyone to see if this holds true for you because maybe I should develop a set of work out tapes just being mean and pissing people off. If you start to think about a person who has been horrible to you, does it help your workout??? For me it seems to be the key! So I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people in my life who piss me off... because the joke is going to be on you!! And for the record to anybody in the last 25 years who has referred to me as a "fat ass" karma is a bitch!!

xoxo chef a


Nancy said...

Ahhhhhhh....Amanda.....I absolutely love the idea of punching a bag with the name of someone who "done me wrong" on it. Back in the day, I used to shoot skeet and put the name of my ex and others on each little skeet, before I blew them to smitherines.

I am really proud of you for your blog. It is fun, inciteful, smart and sassy......just like you. I hope you will come visit me in Austin and I will take you out to hear some kick ass music....
love ya!
Nancy Weiss Coplin

Toni Tanner Scott said...

You know what? My sister lost an amazing amount of weight during her divorce. And it wasn't the kind of sitting around, not eating, longing for her lost lover kind--she would put angry rap music on the ipod and run! She was MAD! So I definitely think that works for some people.

Anonymous said...

wow! you're a great writer. :) i love your intensity and passion, and the slight vicious flare! so do you have a workout/dieting goal? or just a healthy lifestyle goal? wish you the best of luck. i too am a writer. just started with a website called, a city guide and dating site for the Los Angeles area. check out some of my stories and let me know what you think. do you just blog for fun/hobby? isn't writing such a fantastic outlet for creativity! and yes, music is soul shaking, i agree. all the best, melanie rashbaum (your childhood homie)