Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day Two

On IPOD: "Always Midnight" by: Pat Monahan

I'm just going to start off my saying that I love to dance...and in my head I dance just like the skinny perfect girls on "so you think you can dance". I'm not going to lie I am taking short breaks from writing the blog to dance around the room like I actually know what I'm doing. It is something about the music... I wish I could fully describe what it does to me. It is like I lose control of myself. Anyways back to that in just a second.

So today started off very rocky. Couldn't sleep, woke up late, and then had a massive menu for my client today.

Chicken souvlaki
Salisbury Steak with sauteed mushrooms
every imaginable veggie cut up ready to be quickly sauteed
Chicken salad and Egg salad
Peppercorn crusted Tenderloin Filets
Jalapeno cheese sausages
Winter vegetable soup
Sizzling Beef Fajitas
The Best Brisket ever

But by about 3:00 I was headed to the gym after loading much needed new music to my phone, thanks jamie for the suggestions.

When I got there, I'm going to go ahead and say, I was not too enthused. It is just something about the first 10 minutes, I hate them! So I'm going to set the stage for you...Imagine a large room, dance floor to the right, cardio is two rows first row bikes and elliptical (or "THE DEVIL") and the back row is all treadmills. Weights and such are behind. So I'm right in the middle of the back row of treadmills all by myself, just how I like it. Music turned up, headphones on, eyes closed, singing and dancing my little heart out. This went on for about two songs before I realized that I had been joined by not one but two neighbors. Nice right? It gets I do try to push myself pretty good, adding inclines and sprints. But this was just one of those monumental days when I pushed myself farther than I thought was possible to the point that by the last minute the most emotional song was on and I was having an episode of sloppy, sweaty, crying smiles. I hope that makes sense! I'm sure to my neighbors I looked like an emotional wreck. BUT I DONT REALLY CARE!!
Im sure some of you out there know what this is like but this experience is more than just being on a diet it is sort of like changing the patchwork of my soul. This body is who I have been for the last 20 years. As funny as it sounds there is a certain amount of security in it. But life is about change and I feel like I am finally ready. It is scary and there are probably a million excuses I could come up with not to do all this right now, but I'm really done with excuses...

Goodnight all!
xoxo chef a

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a said...

YOU GO AMANDA! You're on the right path with a ton of people to catch you if you fall!