Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Say No To The Sangria

On the IPOD "Angeles" by: Elliott Smith

Note to self: When you have not being drinking or consuming sugar... Don't start off the evening with 4 sangrias, even small little kid sized ones!

So I went into today knowing that I was taking a cooking class with some fellow chefs tonight and I planned my meals according to what I thought I might be eating for dinner. I also busted my ass in the gym so that I felt a little better about giving myself the night off.
The menu for the class was as follows:

Baja Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Pickled Red Onion and Jalapenos and Baja Cream
Alambre De Bistec (Steak Tacos with Bacon, Onions and Pepper)
Chicken Tinga Puffy Tacos
Tacos Al Pastor ( Pork and Pineapple Tacos)

So what I thought was that I would definitely taste the fish tacos minus the tortilla, A small taste of the steak with peppers and onions, I would splurge on a small chicken puffy taco and I really didn't care anything about the Tacos Al Pastor. What I didn't count on was the continuous flow of very good sangria just while we were cooking. I stupidly thought "well you've been doing great have a drink and just relax." It was so good that after the first (Very small) glass I was like, screw the food!! Not realizing that my drinking abilities are not the same as they used to be. All of the sudden I was on my fourth glass (were talking about like a 4 ounce glass), I was feeling good, not really drunk just relaxed and we were just sitting down to eat. So I didn't over do it I just had a little chicken no taco shell, one small piece of fish with a little sauce and some peppers and onions. Well something happened that is just not right....

I skipped the drunk part and headed right for the sick part. It was obviously something about the mix of too much sugar, alcohol, and greasy Mexican food. Things that my body hasnt had to process in two weeks. But I learned a great just isn't worth it to drink four sangrias.

Goodnight All
xoxo chef a


ahlalou said...

I hateI missed the class and the group. I had taxi mom things to do. I am so loving the blog. I missed yesterday and it was like I am when I miss a favorite show and can't wait to get to the DVR. Thank goodness the blogs are not purged. Great stuff.

chefkristin said...

Melissa!!! This is absolutely the best blog ever!!! I was even toying with something like this for myself. You may have just kicked me in the ass to start something....keep up the great work and remember, every ounce, not pounds, counts with weight loss!!!! I look foward to reading more!!!