Thursday, October 31, 2013


On the iPod "A life that's good (feat. Lennon and Maisy)" As I sit here contemplating life, less than seven weeks before we welcome our second baby boy Luca into the world, I can only be grateful...grateful for the life that we have now and for the life that is yet to come for us... I remember how ready I was for Levi to be born... Bags were packed weeks before... Newborn diapers lined up in perfect form on the changing table... And a nursery set up for a little prince... Lol, I wish I had that kind of time now... It's just so different! I'm sure it will all get done in time or at least most of it... But for now the most important thing for me to do is create a "luca" playlist... 3 years ago when other expectant moms were making a labor playlist, I was creating a playlist that my new son would live the first moments of his life to... Songs that reminded me of my own childhood, songs that reminded me of my dad, and songs that put into words the love I have for my husband and that I knew I would have for him. From the moment I created the playlist, Levi heard these songs... On our longest days and nights together the songs brought us both a certain amount of peace and security. And even today Levi stills listens to his playlist everyday. And if he is having a rough morning, it's the first thing I turn on. So although I want to use some of the same songs again... I feel like Luca deserves his own soundtrack. Songs that taught me about love and about life... Songs that helped me through the darker times and songs that are absolute pure joy. Hopefully both of my boys will have the same love of music that their father and I have. I have started their soundtracks, but it will be up to them to continue it... To find the notes and words that move them to do great things... To become the great men I know they are destined to be... Xoxo chef a