Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Day One

I wish that I could say that my bed time prayer usually consists of asking for world peace or even happiness for all of my family and friends but on a regular basis it is just one simple desire... "please God just for one day can I wake up skinny? I promise if you just give me one day I will do everything right. Ill watch what I eat, Ill exercise, I'll do whatever you want me to." And as I wake up at 6am i hold my breath for one second as that dream quickly rushes away and reality sets in.
I actually feel like a skinny girl stuck in this body. I am almost astounded when i step on the scale every morning. I step on read the results, step off shake my head in bewilderment, check that the dial is in the right place, step on again...same results! There was a time I was even heavier that I am now but the point of this social experiment is to never see any of these numbers again. So on to the day...

My Menu for today's clients:
Pecan crusted Artic Char
Stirfried Chicken and Mangos
Jalapeno Chicken
Fresh Summer Chopped Salad
Low fat Mac and cheese with Broccoli
Oven roasted Broccoli with pinenuts and Parmesan
Homestyle Meatloaf

Ok well thats what ill be cooking today. I'll check in later to tell you how my day went.

xoxo chef a

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