Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Drop It Like It's Hot!

On the IPOD "What's Your Fantasy" by Ludacris & Shawna

I would describe my overall feeling today as fierce. I'm pretty much in control today and it's kind of a new feeling. I'm eating super healthy and feeling pretty freakin healthy. My Nia class this morning was amazing as usual and I'm feeling longer and leaner. Egg beater scramble for breakfast, grilled chicken and pico for lunch and sushi for dinner. Not really any snacks needed except a small spicy V-8.

I have to tell you that I keep playing this song over and over again. I know yall all think I'm joking when I tell you that I'm dancing but Oh how wrong you are! I'm trying to master the art of booty shaking (vibrating), you know what I'm talking about. Its really not so easy to isolate those muscles with out shaking everything else, see I bet right now you all want to try it, right? Don't lie you know you want to...just try it, no one is looking, its liberating! Come on hands up high, slight bend of the knees, start with an easy little hip swing and then just go for it. You might just have to play the song...I know it's a little dirty, but it won't kill you! Now for the big move...Go on "Drop it like it's hot!" ("Referring to a dance move where a girl drops her ass to the floor and gets freaky." Good times..Good times! See it's hard not to smile...

Hit a milestone today...20 pounds out the door. That makes you want to shake your booty!

xoxo chef a

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