Thursday, September 10, 2009

Free day!

On the IPOD tonight: "Evacuate the Dancefloor" by: Cascada
and "Be OK" by: Ingrid Michaelson

I can't explain to you the foulness of the taste in my mouth at the moment. I understand it is my body's way of burning the overabundance of fat but Ive brushed with every toothpaste known to man, scraped my tongue until it has almost broken off, I even bought the new scope thinking that something had changed in its formulation besides the pretty packaging (damn it gets me everytime my name should be "the ultimate consumer") But honestly, please God give my husband a break...In one week he has given up a sometimes overly happy wife and his precious processed foods in exchange for a raging bitch of a wife with bad breath and low carb whole grain taco shells. Its like I finally figured out why some skinny girls are such bitches at times...they are starving!!

So I took the day off today!!! Yay!! I needed a mommy and me day. After therapy this morning (best part of my week, honestly there is nothing better than someone having to listen to my bullshit for an entire hour!) I met her at the house and was informed that she had signed us up to take a yoga class around the corner. Ballet is really more my thing, but I do yoga every now and then. So we pulled up dressed in our workout attire and as we were walking in I notice that I was pretty much the only one under lets say 50 and that is really being generous my mom looked younger than the entire class, although to be honest my mom looks pretty fantastic. This is when I gently leaned over to the girl checking us in and asked "is this class for geriatrics??" Her response was simply "It will still be a really good stretch!" So after about 30 variations of downward dog and triangle pose we were pretty sweaty, I have to say, although I would have been a tad bit happier if the instructor was playing hip hop for our musical selection, I really think "Marvin" would have been too ;) !

Then we were off to the movies, "500 days of summer." I think its utterly ridiculous that all the candy is in such pretty packages. Maybe I would be more likely to want celery sticks if they came in bright lime green packages with cartoon characters on the front. Anyways I had done my research and I knew exactly how much popcorn I could eat in exchange for lunch. To tell you the truth I don't even like popcorn but its just not right to go to the movies and not at least buy one thing I mean we are in a recession people! And although it took everything I had to take two steps back and walk away from my beloved candy I did manage to make it to my seat and eat my 2 1/2 cups of popcorn.

So I really wasn't going to bring numbers into this but I'm down ten pounds baby! And I know probably 6 of those is just water weight but I don't care.... till tomorrow xoxo chef a


jamie said...

yay for the 10 proud...its not water weight damnit..... and yay for ingrid's "be ok"!!!!

ahlalou said...

You are amazing! Loving the blog! I think you are cool no matter the package.

Rocio i said...

You have such a great attitude, love the blog!