Saturday, September 12, 2009

Get out of the kitchen!

On the IPOD "Blister in the Sun" Violent Femmes
"Near to you" A Fine Frenzy

I've decided that there is a conspiracy and that someone is creating a magnetic field between my hands and the refrigerator door. I mean what else could be the reason that as soon as I hit the front door it is the first place I go. I don't even have to be hungry...I mean could it be that subconsciously I have to make sure nothing got away in my absence. I have to admit that yesterday it happened on average 10 times and embarrassingly enough not just at my own house. My mom's house happens to be my number one trigger, it brings back some childhood insecurities that up to this point I really haven't dealt with. It starts with a glance in refrigerator door number 1, then a little peek in the freezer, and then the golden door which is referred to as the pantry. I don't necessarily eat when I do this...most times I end up getting extremely frustrated that there is nothing new. It is almost comical if not a bit sad that I can get so truly excited and happy over a new food product, or lets be honest even new packaging.

Have you ever truly realized the intense emotional role food has in our lives? It is usually how we spend time with each other, and how we celebrate, it is there when we need to talk , it is there to make us feel better when we are sick and then again when we mourn. I hope that we learn how to teach our children how to really experience food in a different way. I mean how many of us actually taste our food on a regular basis? When I was in culinary school we had classes on tasting to let it coat our taste buds, how to pick up hints of key flavors, but normally I eat too fast or with too much conversation to enjoy the calories that should honestly be so special to me. I mean if I think back to the meals that have made a difference in my life it is almost always the meals with the smallest portions but the most amazing flavor. When did quantity become the most important thing in our life. Shouldn't it be quality??

I am happy to report that my last conversation with the refrigerator ended with me saying to myself, "WHY ARE YOU HERE, GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!!!

Have a good morning...Ill be back later today
xoxo chef a

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