Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A cure for the migraine

On the Ipod: "If it Kills me" By Jason Mraz

Well yesterday got off to a great start. I managed to make it through four grocery stores without purchasing one unhealthy snack. So i planned well, I made myself a turkey burger with a slice of 2% cheddar, no bun extra mustard for lunch and a side of frozen organic broccoli. You might ask yourself why the frozen broccoli. Well two answers: #1 it takes much longer to eat frozen food #2 I'm still trying to make myself believe that food should be looked at as a form of energy ( ya right like I will ever believe that!)

So just as the last dish was cooked and put away at my clients, I felt the twinge of a migraine starting directly over my left eye..... I tried to talk myself out of it. " Nope no excuses, you must work out today!" I drove home and walked in to this place that I'm calling my home for the minute (we are in the process of moving so I am surrounded by boxes...I'm sure we will get into this at some point) and headed directly to the pantry looking for the miracle cure. And there they were the bag of animal crackers my Mom left at the house a few days ago. I reluctantly picked up the big print it was written, "13 crackers for ONLY 100 calories!" Could 100 calories of animal crackers really cure this unbearably pain??? I've heard alot of cures in my life but I'm pretty sure that the carbs that like to take up residence on my ass are not one of them. So then the fight started. The one between my body and my mind. After hearing both parties out I made a decision. I know your waiting on bated breath right? I ate 6! My reasoning was that if it could work 6 would probably get the job done. Why I didn't just take the meds at this point no one knows... but anyways I ate the 6 crackers and headed to the gym. 30 Minutes later and halfway through my workout I was swallowing a happy little migraine pill. So at least I can check one possible cure off the list!!

xoxo, chef a

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