Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Picture Perfect

On the IPOD "First Love" by: Adele

Well I had a photo shoot last night and I'm gonna be honest I was a little nervous because pictures don't hide much. It was all me, nobody else in the pictures, so I couldn't do my standard back row peek over the skinny girls move. But I went into it thinking that this would be great because I would be able to reference my weight loss so I really wasn't as worried about what I was going to look like in "not so slimming" chef clothes. Well ok maybe I was a little worried...

I was very lucky to have the most incredible team of artists helping me...
Photography: Lara Bierner of Lara Bierner Photography
Hair: Jessica Nichole of Michael Flores Salon
Makeup: Emily Smith of Tru Salon

These girls are so amazing! I actually felt pretty and sexy and ok all around. I can't wait to post the pics and I will just as soon as I can.

After the shoot we went for a bite to eat and I had a margarita, yay!! Just one, I did learn something on the sangria night last week... The whole experience was really fun, So thanks girls!

Because yesterday afternoon was so rushed to get everything done, I didn't work out until I got home last night. So there I was in full hair and makeup in ballet shoes dancing around the living room, now someone should've taken a picture of this! And then it happened, I started making out with the mirror. Well and the camera I might have taken some "facebook" photos of my sexy self too. So maybe that's the key, I'm just going to have to start getting my hair and makeup done before the gym everyday. And I'm not gonna lie I slept facing up the whole night so my eyelashes would hold though Nia class today, so ladies watch out because I have a date with the mirror at 9:45 this morning.

xoxo chef a

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