Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sugar Sucks!!

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I am so proud of myself for resting almost all day yesterday. The only things I did were to go do a walk through of our much anticipated new place and I did go to mahjong last night because Julie got a new puppy!

So let's start with the walk through... Yeah there is no way that our apartment is gonna be really in 10 days. They can say whatever they want but it's just not going to be ready, not to my standards at least. I don't even mind waiting at this point. So she showed me our apartment but on a higher floor. It was much better, definitely more complete... I think what they don't understand and what I've been real honest about is that if they rush us in there and it is not ready I might make their lives a living hell. I'm a chef, we have a certain amount of cockiness to us that at times can be unruly. I'm not a total bitch, but I'm right on the edge. Most of the time I expect the best out of people, shoot I expect the best out of myself, and I don't handle the word no very well. I am very sweet, I promise, but honestly if you screw with me the claws will come out. This is by no means a threat but it is a warning! :)

Then I went by the market to pick up some snacks for mahjong. I got some "Popchips" because I love them and some cut up strawberries, cantaloupe, and kiwi. And then I stopped by Subway and picked up a veggie delite on 9 grain with spicy mustard and a turkey on 9 grain with chipotle. Who knew that my choice would be the most popular. I have a big confession I love the veggie delite sandwich from subway, I never let myself get it because it is a lot of bread, but mahjong is a special occasion and everybody liked it yay!! And I was really proud of myself because I really took the day off, I thought about cooking some snacks, but I let go of a little bit of control and bought everything!! I had so much fun talking about everything with Julie, Jessica, and Jared (aka Amy for the night). Oh wait, and don't forget about the cutest puppy ever "Jager"!!! Bam! Dots! Balls! Cracks! Mahjong!

I am so looking forward to working out today...I am doing very good with food choices except for the hand full of chocolate covered almonds I grabbed at mahjong before I made Jessica take them away from me... Sugar is my worst enemy, I wish that it was different and that I could just count calories but it just doesn't work for me, I have to cut out sugar to lose weight. I've heard all the stuff about calories in versus calories out but I must be an exception to the rule because after I eat any kind of processed sugar my body is like "screw you, you re not losing any weight this week!" Anyways so I promised some recipes yesterday so here they are...

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

1 1/2 pounds ground chicken
6 oz can water chestnuts, diced
8 oz fresh mushrooms, diced
12-16oz bag of cole slaw mix (or shredded cabbage and julienned carrots)
a little bit of Soy Vay Hoisin Garlic Sauce, to taste start with a couple of TBspoons
1-2 tsp sriracha chili sauce
a dash of low sodium soy sauce
a head of iceberg lettuce

Brown chicken in non-stick pan over medium high heat until cooked throughout and crumbled, (I use a potato masher to break up meat while cooking, the old fashioned kind with the zig zag design). Add veggies and cook about 2 minutes. Add sauces to taste and cook until veggies are done. Serve in crisp, cold lettuce leaves.

Quick Low Fat/Low Carb Eggplant Parmesan Bake

2-3 Young Eggplants, sliced into 1/4 inch circles
8 oz 2% mozzarella cheese (EXTRA THIN SLiCED) ( can use fresh mozzarella too)
1 28 oz can Crushed Tomatoes
1/2 pkg Good Seasonings Garlic herb salad dressing (Dry mix)
6oz shredded italian cheese mix

On 2 foil lined pam sprayed cookie sheets line up eggplant slices and spray tops with pam. Bake at 425* until slightly browned turn over and continue to bake until this side is browned as well. Remove from oven.
In a baking dish overlap rows of eggplant and rows of mozzarella. Mix tomatoes and dressing mix and pour over top (might not need all sauce). Sprinkle with italian cheese blend. Bake at 400* for about 25 minutes or until cheese is bubbling and hot.

This recipe can be made obviously with homemade italian red gravy or store bought sauce. And can also be layered with other veggies including zucchini, squash, even grilled carrots. But Tracy wanted eggplant so that's what she got!!

xoxo chef a

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melanie said...

i am addicted to "healthy" sugar snacks too like chocolate covered almonds! i do the cocoa covered, it's powdery. i'm also in love with yogurt covered almonds. i really want to try pomegranate yogurt covered gogi berries.

i wish i had your cooking flare, i only make pasta with turkey meat in the sauce. i don't even know how to cook a chicken without drying it out!