Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Bad Driver

On the IPOD "The Chain" by Ingrid Michaelson

So yesterday it was 4:38pm and I was downtown trying to get all the way up north for a Nia class at 5:15pm. I'm going to start out by saying I am not the best driver, I actually might be in the bottom tier of drivers. When I'm in a rush I have a driving style that is a mix between extremely aggressive, fast, slightly angry (well when you're not driving right!), and at times there might be some phone usage and makeup applications. I obviously don't drive this way when there are children present. I know you might hate me right now but I really am working on it...Anyways on my drive up the Tollway i might have made some other drivers angry, I mean it's possible that's all I'm saying. So I finally get there and the parking lot looked oddly empty...I grabbed my stuff and ran inside to find out that the teacher is sick and class has been cancelled. Ugh!!

I decided to go over to my mom's for awhile and have dinner (a salad with veggies and salsalito turkey and salsa). I really wanted to watch "Farm Aid" which I recorded so that I could watch one of my best friends Jessica drop it like it's hot. So worth it!! Love you Jess!! She was in the third row!! It's possible she might kill me for referring to this... Anyways I left my mom's at about 7:30 and on the way home I had the extreme urge to stop by Whole Foods. What I really wanted were some dark chocolate covered almonds and I figured that if I went home without them I might eat something worse so I made a quick trip. I got a very small amount of the dark chocolate peanut butter almonds, some soy crisps, jalapeno hummus, celery, carrots and some fresh turkey.

So I got home and ate the 7 almonds I allotted to myself and headed to the gym to walk them off. Much to my surprise the gym was filled with boys all watching Monday night football. So instead I power walked throughout my apartment complex for about 30 minutes (I know my father would be so upset at me for walking by myself, but I was on the phone and it was very well lit) and finished my workout on the bike in the gym for about 12 minutes. When I got back home I made the best snack ever...I filled celery sticks with the jalapeno hummus (pour out the oil on top it doesn't need it). It was sooo good....

So now I'm off to work.

Menu for today:
Teriyaki Beef Filets
Low fat mock Fried Rice
My Mom's Meatloaf with mashed potatoes
Low fat Chicken Salad
Grilled Chicken
Low Fat Chicken Stir-fry with mixed veggies

P.S. If anyone has any great ideas for healthy snacks please comment them to me!! Thanks xo

Have a great day today!
xoxo chef a


Anonymous said...

Ok, I admit I have been lurking and LOVING your blog. I am so proud of you for taking this on and being so open and honest about the challenges and successes. There are so many of us that wouldn't have the guts to doccument our personal struggles like you are. Way to go!


My favorite heathy snacks are:
Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges with Pretzel Rods
100 Calorie Microwave Kettle Corn
A HUGE cup of ice from Sonic with a lemon or lime squeezed over it
Fruit Leather

Chef Amanda Miller Marrone said...

Nice I love sonic ice!!! I also love laughing cow light french onion wedges. And thanks for all the kudos I love that you are reading. I love the comments and snack suggestions so keep them coming. Thanks