Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Richy Richy Club

On the IPOD "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by: The Charlie Daniels Band

What a Day! I had two client yesterday and then I had to show up for a court date at 1:30pm downtown. First of all the ticket in reference to the court date was for not having proof of my insurance in the car with me, it was a month out of date. I understand the need for everyone to carry current information but honestly I think you should be able to show it at the court clerks office instead of wasting the courts time and MONEY. The up side of my court date was the 5 gentleman who reminded me how culturally insane the average white man is for not being able to appreciate a plus size girl. So this is the funny part...I had to show up knowing that my officer would not because he was kicked off the force 6 months ago for bad conduct (interesting). So after two hours the Judge walked into the room and said "Well it doesn't look like any officers will be joining us, Please wait for your name to be called to get your dismissal." Ok so I'm not going complain because I have yet another court date on Thursday this one for speeding (it was a very bad week last year, don't judge!) and I did get hit on 5 times so really it was worth it...kidding.

So I ran back to the apartment to change clothes and wash off the smell of beef stew(work) and sweaty balls(courtroom). Because Jamie was letting me be her guest at the richy richy health club. I'm not gonna lie I liked it there... I mean they have a stretching room with a ballet bar and some kind of weird floor that is squishy. After stretching we went to the cardio area...10 minutes treadmill, 10 minutes elliptical (never again I don't care what anyone says...it kills my low back and not in a good way), 15 minutes bike, and 5 minutes crazy death machine I don't know what its called I will find out and report back. Then I stopped by the refrigerator for a cold eucalyptus towel, freaking awesome. I finished the workout by making Jamie sit in the eucalyptus steam room, ok it was hot but great, almost worth the price of membership. And I have to say my sweat did look a little more golden...just saying. We made a quick trip for fro yo I got sugar free vanilla and a little bit of pumpkin with chopped almonds, yum so good. And then I made her go with me to pick up stuff for dinner. Mike and I had decided on taco salad, which is great for me because I make it with lots of veggies, extra lean ground beef, low fat cheese and lots of pico de gallo and salsa, no real need for dressing. Another yum so good I might be able to eat this every night!!! So now Im on my way to work today and I don't know what to do I have another free day(all week) at the richy richy club but it's also Tuesday and I really wanted to go to hip hop yoga at move studio.... Decisions Decisions... Leave me some comments today...I'm feeling like I need a little push.

xoxo chef a


debbie said...

you're amazing!! miss you.

ATR said...

Taco salad is one of my favorite meals. I'd love more details on how you make it. And I love that you are a part of my every day life! It is so comforting and motivating. Lots of love from Cinci!!

jachart007 said...

u crack me up!!! i love reading your blog!! im thinking you need to start looking for a publicist!!