Friday, October 9, 2009

It's your life

On the IPOD "Try" by: Asher Book

Alright well that whole writing at night thing didn't work... I'm having a fat morning! I hate being a girl today and my hair is not cooperating. Not a pretty day people! And its raining and I am supposed to go with my friend Jessica to The State Fair of Texas to support her in her mission to rule the Pie Competition. It should at least give us some funny life experience.

But first I have to go to work...

Winter Chopped Salad
Cut cucumber, celery and carrots
Low Fat Baked Ziti
Tofu Stir fry
Tuna Salad
Chunky Veggie Chili
Low Fat Brownies
Grilled Salmon with Corn and Pepper Relish
Jalapeno Chicken

This is not going to be an eating day at the fair so it should be interesting. It just shouldn't always have to be about food when you go to an event right? I just wish I wasn't feeling so very unattractive!!!

Im going to end this morning's blog by saying that everyday I feel so very lucky to have Mike in my life. I know it might sound cliche, but he truly, without trying, forces me to become a better me. And what Charlotte says in the Sex in the City movie about how often she is happy in her relationship and she says, "Well not all day, every day but yes, every day.." That's how I feel. And I am telling everybody out there that you deserve that. You deserve to feel loved and to be happy at least a little every day and if your not get out, change your life, find someone who tries to bring out the best in you. And not always in a perfect way but a challanging way. Be positive, give yourself the power to change your own path. I'm not trying to be all self help or anything but I am ready for the people in my life to start fighting for what they want in their lives instead of bitching about what they have... Look everyday I struggle with my weight, with how I look, with what to eat, and it sucks and I could sit around like I have for the last 25 years not dealing with it or I can fight for my life... I'm choosing to fight! Don't worry I'm still gonna bitch but I'm fighting !!!

xoxo chef a

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