Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gummy Cokes

On the IPOD "Sticky-Sweet" by: Erin McCarley

My husband loves gummy cokes and although they were never my favorite growing up, I have grown to love them, not just any gummy coke though I am a purest I only eat Harbro. So we were watching a movie last night and I thought to myself you know what Amanda you deserve a couple. What I should've done at this point was to go and get a plastic sandwich bag and put like 10 in there, but of course I thought I could handle it... So I usually take two at a time so I have for each side of my mouth (don't ask me my mother taught me this). After about my 10th reach into the bag, Mike slowly grabbed the bag and moved it to the other side of him. My first instinct was to yell and scream at him about how this is my issue and to let me handle it, but a funny thing happened I looked over at him with a pout and asked some questions. My first one was, "Are you afraid I'm going to eat them all?" His response, "No babe, if you want them you can have them." Number 2 "Why did you move them over there?" response..."I just wasn't sure if you wanted them right here." Number 3 "Are you trying to help me?" response..."yep" my response..."ok." Now you have to understand how monumental this was because I have never been ok with people helping my with my weight loss. I would've thought that he was punishing me and that he thought I was gross and most likely my claws would have come out and I would have fought with him about how he overstepped his boundaries and if I wanted his help I would have asked for it. But I guess I have kind of changed...I am by no means saying that I want him or anyone else constantly taking food away from me, but for this brief moment I put my defenses down and accepted the help. It's very exciting!!

Today is a big ball of fun... I have therapy, the dentist and then shopping for clothes with Mike for his new job!!! And a workout is in there somewhere... It's fun to have the day off even if that means I am working all weekend! I will most likely be writing tonight because this whole writing at the break of dawn thing is overrated...Much love to my wonderful supporters out there, your texts, comments and emails are remarkable and thoughtful and are truly helping me so much! If you are reading this and are not a follower please join it just takes a minute and it means so much to me!!! And I finally... hit the big 25 pounds lost this morning, Thank you gummy cokes ;) !!

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The Gummy Coke Diet. I love it!