Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Perfect Ass

On the IPOD "Burbons and Lacs" by: Master P (Dedicated to Lauren)
and "Boom Boom Pow" by: The Black Eyed Peas

Yesterday when I left you I was on my way to Nia, to my surprise it was a repeat of "Madonna Day". I was thrilled because unfortunately last week I missed it to go to the Ingrid Concert. I mean what's better than Nia and Madonna....nothing really!! It was greatness and I got a free download of a new Madonna song yay!!

This morning I woke up, started the laundry and managed to make myself decent enough to go to the grocery store. Thank goodness I got to both stores without a single raindrop!! Got home, put groceries away, made lunch (a tuna caesar wrap), loaded a new playlist on my ipod and headed to the gym.

Just as I started working out this girl walks in and gets on the elliptical directly in front of me. She has to have the best ass I've ever seen... Hey and don't think I'm switching teams or anything we are taught at a very young age to survey the room for competition, it's ingrained in us. So there I am thinking to myself ...I wonder if you put our two backsides side by side...would mine be like twice as big?? So I try to stop my thought process... ok change the song , close your something. And then I catch myself actually trying to feel my own butt...huh? maybe its not so bad... But then I get a glimpse of it in the mirror...well it's definitely "boom, boom pow!" but "not so bad" is a far cry from the best of phrase to describe it. I wonder what the girl in front of me thinks about her "perfect ass"? Does she love it? Or is she just like the rest of us who constantly pick on ourselves? Maybe she even hates it? It's funny I go to bed at night dreaming for a butt like hers and she probably goes to bed wishing hers looked like somebody else's. I almost complemented her on her great butt, but I didn't want to be too forward and I thought it might be a little weird since we didn't even know each other... Anyways I left the gym feeling inspired to get a great butt so plies and lunges here I come!!

xoxo chef a

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Mara said...

chocolate graham crackers (sometimes hard to find but 100 calorie packs makes chocolate animal crackers and it's portion controlled) with fat free / sugar free cool whip. If you put the cool whip between the grahams and put them in the freezer it tastes like an ice cream sandwich. And if you dip the chocolate animal crackers into the frozenish cool whip that's also good...

That's more dessert than snack but it's a fave.