Thursday, March 25, 2010


On the IPOD "Sleeping to Dream" by: Jason Mraz

Wednesday night was my last night of "Zensual Bootcamp Level One." I'm going to start off by saying that I love this class. I even love the fact that I made it until the last class before I made a complete fool of myself! During our last free flow dance I bent over, like touching the floor, and came up way toooooo fast, I then lost my balance, tripped over my 8 inch stripper heel and ate it!!!! I was pretty much down for the count, not real sexy! I assured everyone that I was fine which I was but today lets just say I'm definitely feeling the burn!

I left the class feeling a little sad...maybe because more than likely the group of women that I have begun to feel pretty comfortable with would probably be going in different directions but I think even more than that I was a little sad to give up the hour once a week that I was allowing myself to really be free.

There is something empowering about moving in a sexy way... It's that mix of feeling slightly uncomfortable and feeling in complete awe that you don't look half bad doing it. I have more than once caught myself walking like a stripper in the grocery store...shoulders back, hips moving, and legs crossing with a slight drag. Victoria Secret model here I come lol!

Without going in to too much detail I can tell you that it has changed my life at home too. I treat myself better...I indulge in what I refer to as "whole bottle bubble baths" (its when you use the whole bottle of bath product!) In general I'm much more confident and I feel sexier than I did a month ago. I haven't even "danced" for Mike, it doesn't seem to be about that.

A month ago I saw this chubby girl who couldn't get pregnant in the mirror, I had lost that girly feeling that makes you feel attractive. This class helped me find it again! I am looking forward to taking more classes that help me to find my inner self. And I guess during the next couple of weeks before the next bootcamp starts I'll just have to walk around the house in my 8 inch heels and knee pads! I'm sure my husband will be soooo disappointed, Not!

xoxo chef a

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