Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hoop, Hoop, Drop!!

On the IPOD "And the Birds Sing" by: Tyrone Wells

First of all thank you so much for your comments yesterday. It really does make my day to hear from you!

Well yesterday I took a Lenny Kravitz Hoop Nia class, like hoop as in hoola hoop mixed with Nia and all to the music of Lenny Kravitz. Lets just say the entire class got real tired of hearing my hoop hit the floor. I'm a star hooper on the Wii fit but obviously when hooping actually entails a real hoop, my skills are less than adequate. I'm by no means giving up...I even kept the hoop up for like 10 seconds but then my core pretty much gave me the finger! It was fun though...I'm always up for a new experience especially when there happens to be good music involved!

After class, I went to help my mom make a trial batch of a new flavor of jelly, "Extra Hot Hot Jalapeno" (My mom has a product line of gourmet jellies and sauces.) Just as I was filling the glass jar, it slipped out of my hand and slammed down against the hard floor. Thank goodness the glass didn't break, but when I say there was hot jelly everywhere, I mean there was hot jelly everywhere. All over me, all over the floor, and even all over the ceiling. After a good hour of cleaning I invited my mom to dinner at our house. The clumsiness didn't stop there...

A totally from scratch home cooked meal on the weekend is quite the anomaly at my house, but when I actually do cook, I tend to really cook. I decided that my husband deserved a traditional Italian Sunday dinner. While making the gravy ie: homemade marinara sauce, I managed to spill an entire bottle of crushed red pepper on the floor. As I was sweeping it up(not exactly my forte), I had an insane sneezing fit and actually had to step away from the kitchen for a good 15 minutes to compose myself! Dinner ended up being great except for the fact that Mike and my mom caught on to the fact that the pasta was multi-grain...Ha ha, I tried!

My streak of clumsiness hopefully came to an end this morning when I opened the back of my car only to not catch a bottle of jalapenoes rolling out and crashing on the ground...Obviously jalapenoes and I are not friends at the moment! Im going to go ahead and blame everything on the time change...

xoxo chef a

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