Sunday, March 28, 2010

72 Hours of Cooking

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I can't believe I am just now able to post this blog...I have literally been cooking for the last 48 hours and I have another 24 hours to go. Tomorrow night is the first Seder of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Passover is probably my biggest work day of the year. I don't know how it ended up like that but I think it has something to do with the fact that 85% of my Jewish clients stay in town and have a Seder. I am usually booked about 6 months in advance.

Anyways let's just say that I'm writing this blog on borrowed time... Tomorrow morning starts the last 8 hours of complete insanity. The best part about it is that I'm am able to fit in a little time to help my aunt with our family Seder. Here is what I have been cooking for my clients...

Beautiful Butter Lettuce Salad for 16 people
3 pounds of Fresh Grated Horseradish
30 pounds of Roasted Turkey with gravy
200 Chicken Drummettes
30 pounds of Apricot Chicken
35 pounds of Balsamic Braised Short Ribs
40 pounds of Roasted Brisket
Creamed Spinach Madeline for 80 people
Matzoh Charlotte (Sweet Cinnamon Souffle) for 40 people
8 pounds of Whipped Sweet Potatoes
10 pounds of Roasted Creamer Potatoes
Spinach Souffle for 25 people
10 pounds of Sauteed Haricot Verts
3 gallons of Matzoh Ball Soup
15 pounds of Tzimmes
6 dozen Meringue Cookies
2 Large Trifles
Strawberry Shortcake for 40 people
4 pounds Matzoh Toffee
Chocolate Ganache Flourless Cake

Let's just say that there is a very high chance that I will drink way too much wine tonight!!!!

I wish I could write more but to be honest I am finishing this at 5:30 in the morning after falling asleep with my laptop in my hands last night! I will be writing tomorrow...

Wish me luck!
xoxo chef a


Amanda said...

Oh bless your heart! Well, it's once a year, but I remember one of my friends' mothers preparing for their family's Seder and it wasn't minor. Granted, she was the rabbi's wife and it was more than "just" family, but... yeah.

Busy times. Hang in there!

sharyn said...

Well you have been knee deep in passover prep. I hope you don't fall asleep in your Matzoh balls! Enjoy your family, drink all the cups of wine with your brothers and remember to to feel like a complete Jew. Remember sedars with your Dad and talk about old times. Then, go home an make a baby! That's an order! See you Sat. am at Nia.