Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What do we have here?

On the IPOD "Eyes on Fire" by Blue Foundation

My Aunt Dorothy and Mom came over to help me try and make some progress on the maze of boxes I am referring to as my home for the moment. My Aunt and I were organizing photos and DVDs and my mom was tackling the closet. I know it doesn't really sound fair, but she is my mom she just knows how to do it better!! Anyways, everything was going swimmingly until I heard her call out, "Oh my goodness, what do we have here??" Okay well lets just say lots of stuff started going through my head...I didn't label the boxes well and we all have our secrets... So I took a deep breath and said, "What did you find?" Much to my relief she came out with 2 boxes of chocolate pudding that happened to be in one of my suitcases. She then found a stash of small boxes of raisins in another pocket of the same case... Well the pudding has a good reason, I cook for certain "special" clients in other cities and the last time I had a work trip I needed chocolate pudding and I didn't want to waste time trying to find the kind that I like to use, but the raisins on the other hand were strictly for personal consumption.

I began to feel like a young girl again when my mom would help me clean out my bedroom and we would run across a couple of candy bar wrappers. Yeah it sounds funny now, but at that time it was a tad embarrassing. I don't even think I was hiding the candy bar wrappers... nevermind I probably was subconsciously.

Anyways I was wondering who else out there is carrying around food in your bag, car, coat pocket, or desk drawer?? And to all the mommy's out there, How many times do you raid "little bit's" container of cheerios? I have to say that on an average day I at least have a 100 calorie pack of almonds in my purse, I don't necessarily eat it everyday, but it is there as some sort of comfort. I mean just in case I get stuck in the elevator...I don't want to starve to death!!

xoxo chef a

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