Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little to no oil please and the sauce on the side!!

On the IPOD "I'm There Too" by: Michelle Featherstone

I have been trying to search for the reasons why I am stuck on a plateau and can not get motivated to either workout more or eat less and I figured it out last night while facebooking with a friend, thanks Jen!! Jen had posted that although she looks at the nutritional info that is blasted all over the internet, sometimes it makes ordering out a heartbreaking decision. And I responded something to the effect of, "I so agree with you!" On many occasions I have checked out the nutritional info of my favorite dish at a restaurant and it has changed my view point forever and I can't even seem to ever order it again!!! Anyways her response was the light bulb moment...She said "if I could cook like you, I would just eat at home." She is absolutely right...that is the change that has happen in the last month and that is why I am on the ridiculous plateau!!! When I think back to what has changed in the last month that is the number one answer!! I have been working so much that the last thing I want to do at night is make dinner and on top of that Mike has been working till midnight most nights which means that not only am I going out more with friends and family for dinner, I am also staying up much later and even though I snack on good healthy things it is still calories....

And I should be listening to myself because on a regular basis I tell my clients the truth about restaurant nutritional information. Number 1 it is tested in a small batch before the item is really even on the menu at the restaurant (not realistic!) Number 2 chefs don't measure so even though the tested recipe was precisely measured the average chef doesn't really know how much oil, butter, salt, or sugar he/she added to the dish that you are eating. Number 3 the average restaurant chef wants the food to taste good he/she is not really worried about your calorie intake!!!! That is the difference between having a personal chef (who has a vested interest in your health) (sorry for the PR) and trusting some stranger with a white jacket on. Believe me I am by no means saying that you should never eat out again...All I am saying is stop looking at the nutritional info and just order smart! Little to no oil please and the sauce on the side!

And I am going to just try to eat smart and work my ass off (in the gym and in the kitchen) and just struggle my way though my busiest work season!!

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xoxo chef a

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