Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Last Latke...

On the IPOD "Happy" by: Brandi Carlile

My "Aunt" Ellen had a family "Last night of Hanukkah Party" last night. We made about 200 latkes both regular potato and sweet potato (They were both pretty great if you ask me!) So there I was sitting with Erica and I said, "I so want just one more latke but I'm so full!" And then I realized why I wanted it so badly...I wanted that stupid latke because I knew in my head if I didn't eat it that I would have to wait an entire year for another one. I explained this thought process to Erica and her response was simple and Oh so true, "Don't eat it! If you want one before next year you will just make some."

Interesting....what a novel approach! I think that in general that is why I eat so much at special holiday functions...It is simply because I realize that this is my chance to have those certain foods and if I miss out I have to wait a year. But it's ridiculous!!!! It is actually insane that I am willing to eat more than I really even want to the point of feeling awful just so that I don't miss out on tasting just one last piece of something for an entire year. I mean I guess I should look at it that at least I am no longer eating food that doesn't taste good. I know you are all saying why would you ever eat bad food??? Well think back yourself...On how many occasions do you eat food that is just okay???? It's astounding!! As far as I'm concerned unless it is the best thing I have ever put into my mouth I'm throwing it out! Maybe it is wasteful and maybe there are children starving all over the world and I am truly sorry for that. But I am asking for every one's forgiveness now because this year I am picking me....

xoxo chef a

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