Tuesday, December 15, 2009

First Kiss

On the IPOD "At This Moment" by: Michael Buble

Twelve years ago today, Mike and I were talking in front of my parent's house and he kissed me... my response was simply, "So this means we are dating, right??" I guess I have always been a go getter. When I think back to it I imagine that he must have thought, "Oh God what did I just get myself into???"

Well 12 years later I guess my plan worked!! ha ha ha!!


I love shopping for gifts in the cold, with bright lights everywhere and Christmas music in the background. I love finding the perfect gift that lets someone know how much they mean to you whether it was $5 or $100. I love making latkes with family and friends and having special clothes to wear that will smell for eternity! I love playing a good cold hard cash game of dreidel! I love that when I went to buy a Christmas Tree for my parents house this year the same man was there selling them and I love that he can remember me from when I was seven and was there with my dad. I love that it means more to me to make the sugar cookies when my brother Andrew is in town because even though I would never admit it to his face, it still makes me giggle when he steals the dough to eat. I love that on Christmas eve we have a house full of different religions celebrating our love for each other while allowing each person to celebrate the Christmas they believe in whether it is based in Christianity or based in Santa, Stockings, and Daddys. I love that my Jewish Grandparents were married on Christmas day and it gives us all one more reason to celebrate together.

It is wonderful that we have all of these things to celebrate during a time of the year that has not always been so good to us... In two days we will mark 10 years since Mike's brother Joe passed away in a motorcycle accident. He would be turning 35 next month. It was extremely shocking, horrible and sad and the pain of his loss rocked our relationship to the core. He is deeply missed everyday. Two years ago we spent what would be our last Christmas with my father...He was extremely ill but we were thrilled to have those last few weeks with him. And last year we lost my mom's best friend and my Godmother Aunt Mickie, to breast cancer. We both miss her calls and her pop in visits, everyday...

I guess we should in a way fell lucky that all of these horrible things happened at a time of the year that is so otherwise happy. We should feel blessed that we have family and friends to celebrate the memory of these special individuals with. And even though it is so impossible to not want to eat everything in site this holiday season, I am going to relish in every twinkling light, holiday song, screaming kid in the store, family disagreement, and every unwrapping the present smile and I hope you will all do the same...

And as God is my witness I will get off this 40 pound plateau!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Mike for taking a chance on a chubby, bossy, pain in the ass girl named Amanda!!!
I love you more and more forever and ever!!!!!!

xoxo chef a


Rocio i said...

Great post, Amanda!

Anonymous said...

Year after year, your family is always in my thoughts at Christmastime. Decorating the tree, making and decorating sugar cookies while holiday music plays at the Miller house is one of my fondest memories!
xo - Lauren