Friday, December 11, 2009

Bob and Janie

On the IPOD "Wait for you" by : Elliott Yamin

The Nia class last night was full, but I got there early and took my usual spot in the back row. There was only one problem ok two problems. Let's call them Bob and Janie... Well Bob is one of the few guys who takes Nia and Janie is somewhat new to the class. Bob was standing next to me on the back row and Janie was in front of me and to the right slightly. Well as we were dancing Janie kept moving to the left and back until she was litterally in my lap and Bob just turns at his own pace...the whole group turns left Bob turns right. I almost left the class I was so annoyed. My issue is that there should be rules of the classroom...If you want a space on the back row you have to get there early and if you don't get there in time then you can't just make your own back row right in front of the back row...It is BS.

After class I headed over to Lisa's to visit with her and our friend Erica and to spend some much needed time with Lisa's little one Asher who is on his way to 2. Asher and I have a very special relationship. I spoil him rotten...and I give him whatever he wants, Oh wait are those the same things??? Anyways, We sat down and had a long conversation of gibberish over a couple M&Ms, and yes I was speaking in gibberish too. And then we ran laps around the house to work off the M&Ms. That is the funny thing about me...I feel completely comfortable around kids, I always have. Being a mom someday is the one thing I have always known I will be good at. I am by no means saying that I will have perfect kids...But I hope to be there for them in the ways that they need me to be.

Today I have to place an order with an organic meat purveyor for my new client who is going through a stem cell transplant. This order is for 4 adults for 8 dinners:

4 pounds sirloin tip roast
2 pounds pork tenderloin
4 filet mignon steaks
3 pounds ground beef
16 boneless skinless chicken breasts
4 thick cut pork chops

And now I'm off to cook for my friday clients...

P.S. I'm so over Mike working till 11:30pm. I am so over Mike working till 11:30pm. I am so over Mike working till 11:30pm.

xoxo chef a

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