Saturday, January 30, 2010

Pole Dancing

On the IPOD "Feelin Love" By: Paula Cole

I can't say enough about the amazing friends that I have gained through Nia class. There is a camaraderie that reminds me sleep away camp. It makes going to Nia so much more fun!!!

So my Nia girls talked me into meeting up for cocktail hour and then going to "The Pole Studio" Grand opening celebration at "Move Studio." Alright, alright they really didn't have to push me that hard!! So after we had a drink, smart move, we headed to the studio.... First thing we had to do was sign a waiver, interesting, just what were we getting ourselves into????

Then we signed up for 8:45pm we were going to take the "Lap Dance" class and at 9:00pm we were going to take the pole dancing class. We got there at about 8:15 so we decided to go and sit in the pole dancing class to get ourselves ready. Well there were definitely all different shapes and sizes of girls, and that was a good thing. The funniest part of this portion of the class was when the instructor was informing us that there were two different sizes of poles and that each person would eventually find their favorite. I turned to Arlene and asked, "Yeah, what size pole is your favorite?" She just busted out laughing.

Before we knew it it was our turn in the lap dancing room. Now this is a dance I can handle.... The nice thing is that because of Nia, I feel more comfortable with myself which made it easier to do a lap dance in front of 20 other girls. Mike might be a happy man after at least 2-3 more hours of practice!! I will more than likely sign up for the workshop of this class.

Now comes the fun right.... So we headed into the pole dancing room and picked out our poles... Interesting that I gravitated to the bigger pole... Pole dancing is not an easy task, It takes an amazing amount of upper body strength. Unfortunately, there was a little gymnast in our class who just threw herself up there (I'm going to go ahead and say that I think her and her friends might have had some extra practice before class, if you know what I mean...) But their presence definitely made it a little intimidating. I did love twirling myself around the pole though. Who knows maybe in a past and skinnier life I was a stripper!

After class we said our goodbyes and I got in the car and headed home. I have to tell you though I don't know if it was the smell of sweat and smelly pole dancing hands or the fact that I bought this song on my iphone before I left the parking lot, but Amanda was feeling pretty frickin good about herself!!

Lap dancing classes here I come!!

xoxo chef a

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