Monday, January 25, 2010

Food Log

On the IPOD "Far Far" by: Yael Naim and "Mint Car" by: The Cure

I am loving the fact that two of my Monday clients are out of town, which means I have a very light day...

So today I'm going to do an exaggerated version of a standard food diary...My laptop will be by my side all day and every food will be recorded. Wow! Talk about honesty....

6:00 am- wake up, get ready...

7:15am- Kiss my husband goodbye and head out the door.

7:30am-9:15am- Central Market, Sams, Super Target, Tom Thumb

9:15am- One Grande "140* (gotta protect the taste buds)" Skinny Vanilla Latte

9:30am-Started cooking roasted diced sweet potatoes, low fat brownies, turkey meatballs, a super quick marinara, and I whipped up a spinach souffle.

10:30am- Breakfast...One Jazz apple cut into 18 pcs. and 1 1/2 Tablespoons + a licked off spoon of freshly ground almond butter ( I'm trying to at least make this apple last one hour)

10:45am- Marinating Miso Glazed Salmon...and I tasted 2 pcs (alright 4) diced sweet potato (great!)- moved sweet potatoes to a cooling area out of plain site (so I don't continue to taste!)

11:15am- Brownies done. Cleaning and prepping mushrooms, I know exciting right.

11:30am- Quick saute of mushroom medley... Portioning out and packaging turkey meatballs with marinara and roasted sweet potatoes. Both go in the fridge...back to the mushrooms...

Just took my last bite of apple and almond butter, (possibly might lick the rest of the almond butter off the plate, alright won't lick it but will scrape it off with a spatula.)

Set aside half of the mushrooms for chicken marsala. Add 1 pound of fresh baby spinach to the rest of the mushrooms, cover and turn off heat. Three minutes later spinach perfectly wilted. Turned out mixture into a large foil pan so that it cools quickly and doesn't over cook. Tasted one bite of spinach mushroom mixture.

12:00am- Clean and thinly slice chicken breasts. Start sauteing thin chicken pcs. in batches. Got mad at tongs and threw them in the trash!! Removed salmon from marinade and broiled in roasting pan for 7 minutes. Sucked on a "Brach's" cinnamon disk candy. Deglazed saute pan added marsala and chicken stock, simmered down added reserved mushrooms and finished off sauce with 1 tablespoon of butter. Did a quick cool on the salmon and chicken and packaged. Labeled everything and cleaned up ( my least favorite part). Finished with work at 1:16pm. I could get used to a light Monday!

Note to self: Buy new tongs :)

1:30pm-Ran some much needed errands

2:30pm- 1 hour workout at the Gym

3:30pm- High protein snack- 4.5 ounces hickory smoked flavor tuna and 1 cup of lettuce

4:00pm- Shower

5:00pm- Mix of nap time and t.v.

7:00pm- Dinner with family friends
2 corn tortillas cut into small triangles with salsa
Chicken Fajitas no tortillas with lots of pico de gallo and 2 tablespoons of guacamole

9:00pm- Just got home... hoping to make it through the night without any other comes the hard part. Oh well I'll let you know how I do in the morning!!

I know some of you might read this food log and think, "why is she worried about 4 diced sweet potatoes?" But you have to remember that if I tasted four pieces of everything I cooked each day, I would more than likely end up eating 3000 calories a day!

xoxo chef a

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