Wednesday, January 6, 2010


On the IPOD "Down" by: Jason Walker

For our entire young adult lives we do everything possible to not get pregnant and then all of the sudden we have the career we always wanted and the husband and finally have some what of a system for money in and money out and we are reminded of why 3 generations ago everyone was pregnant at 18. I waited until this afternoon to write the blog because I have been having some girl issues and was having some testing this morning on my "plumbing" and lets just say it wouldn't have been an upbeat blog... So I woke up this morning and of course since I had to be fasting for blood work I was starving (I could have eaten my arm off). I showered, got dressed and headed to the docs office.

First we had a little talk about my issues and then we decided (well the doc decided) the best course of action would be a sonogram and some blood work. So we started with the sonogram (nothing more delightful than having no clothes on, your feet up in the air and trying to discuss work while you have an instrument in places well... kidding of course) Unfortunately when we got to my little ovaries they were not so happy... So I looked at the doctor and said "How can we fix them?"

Well first of all you have to lose weight...(I have lost 40 pounds didn't my ovaries get the message) because your weight is more than likely aggravating them. Second we are going to give you some meds that we hope will work and have awesome side effects...not! Third we are going to take a million vials of blood so that you feel like you are about to run out and fourth if this doesn't work then we need to discuss infertility. All I can say is that my ovaries better frickin get on board! After that I was also reminded that I will be able to have a baby but it might take some time and some work. Oh and that we need to move quickly because I am not a spring chicken. You know everyday we see these stars having babies into their 40s and we get spoiled into thinking that we have all the time in the world but in reality our time is kind of limited.

So I will wait on baited breath to get the blood results back and I will continue to bust my ass in the gym and eat right. I guess it is just extra motivation!

We had maj tonight and the girls all came over to my house yay!!!!! I made some awesome low fat low carb easy easy easy quesadillas.

Easy low carb low fat Chicken Quesadillas

1 rotisserie chicken (white meat only chopped up no skin)
1/2 pkg low sodium taco seasoning
12 ounces 2% mexican shredded cheese
9-10 low carb soft taco size flour tortillas

Cover 2 cookie sheets with foil and spray with olive oil cooking spray. Heat oven to 400*. Mix chicken, cheese , and taco mix and place mixture into folded tortillas. Spray the tops of the tortillas with more olive oil and bake for about 7-10 minutes or until browned and cheese is melted. Serve with light sour cream and pico (i like to mix them)

xoxo chef a

Ps check back later today because i will be discussing Jan 7th...

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