Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On the IPOD "Hands to Heaven" by: Breathe

I cant lie to you....right now I am watching my favorite Food Network show, "Unwrapped" and the episode is called "Deep Fried". I am living vicariously through the show...I can't remember the last time I ate something fried, ugh! that's supposed to be a good thing right???

So I've been going to Nia for 4 months as of today and I can honestly say that it has changed my life... I think about where I was 4 months ago. Well for starters I was 43 pounds heavier. But more than that I was a tad bit nervous , I was very reserved in class and I still worried on a regular basis about the way I looked in the mirror.

Today I let it go. I don't know if it had to do with the dynamics of the class or what, but I danced around with no inhibitions. I even did what I never really thought I would do or that I even wanted to do... During the Tae Kwon Do portions of the class, where we do punches, kicks, and chops, I yelled and screamed and grunted and Oh did it feel good!! Who knew??? I now completely understand Maria Sharapova, I mean I've always liked the girl but I get it! She screams and grunts because it is the most unbelievable feeling ever!! I know some people might think it's annoying and they might even think it's disrespectful to the other tennis player but thank goodness in Nia I don't have to worry about it because the other wonderful people in my class are right there screaming with me. And as far as I'm concerned, Maria you keep on screaming, more power to you!!!

So my dare to you tonight is to find a screaming zone, whether its in a car, closet, Nia class, or tennis court. Find a place where you can just let it go! My suggestion is to start with some punches and with each punch yell, Yah! And don't forget the upper cut it's my personal favorite!!

xoxo chef a

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Anonymous said...

The ultimate beauty of the Nia class is that no one actually looks at anyone. No one's size, color, race, nada! The thing that most attracted me to Nia was the ability to move freely without criticism and that's exactly what makes each class so unique and fulfilling. When a 49 year old woman can dance, sing, hop, skip, flap and even cry with a room full of other dancers and never feel out of place for one moment is an ultimate experience I wish everyone can have. The grunting is one of my most favorite parts of each class. It clears my mind, turns on my focus and makes me feel strong and passionate. In this day and age, your personal statement seems so important when you are participating in a Nia class, statement goes out the window and freedom really rings! I'm so glad you have made noise a working part of your Nia practice. I have noticed over the years that it's harder for some than others. Some people never get comfortable enough to realize the potential they can recieve by just letting go and living each Nia moment to the fullest. Making noise is such a great stress reliever. I'm certain you have witnessed one of my grunts or groans because I know I can make them loud. Some classes I listen instead of noise because sometimes I get more satisfaction from that than the actual execise.
So glad you are a Nia Nut, you are a welcomed joy to the community. Here's an, "I dare you for 2010".
How many people can you turn on to Nia this year?