Sunday, January 17, 2010

Wii Cooking

On the IPOD "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay..." by: Sara Bareilles

I decided to write my blog during the "Dallas Cowboy" playoff game so that I don't eat... We are watching the game over at my aunt's house. I would have to admit that I show up to football watching parties mainly for the food... I would love to tell you that I am here because of my undying love for the Cowboys, which let me clarify I do love the Cowboys and I hope that they win, but I love food I brought over some healthier snacks.

So I'll tell you a little about my day so far. I woke up at about 7 AM and quickly decided to turn back over and try to sleep longer. After laying there for about 30 minutes and holding myself back from waking Mike up (my normal thought process when I wake up and can't sleep is to wake up Mike too, not because I'm mean but because I want to hang out...) I went ahead and got up and started cooking the whole wheat pasta salad that I wanted to take over to Aunt Leen's.

I decided to be super productive and workout on the Wii Fit while I was boiling the water for the pasta. I filled up the pot, salted the water and turned on the stove... This "being productive" thing worked out great, I did 5 minutes of basic step, ran to the stove dropped the pasta in, did 10 minutes of advanced step, ran back to the stove drained the pasta, mixed it with half pesto and half low fat vinaigrette and placed it in the fridge, then back to the Wii for 10 minutes of advanced hoola hoop, I finished with about 15 min. of strengthening exercises before assembling the rest of the pasta salad and getting ready to leave.

Anyways here we are watching the Cowboys play maybe the worst game of the season...Ugh! Its so bad I'm gonna have to finish later. Ill be back...

Ok I'm back...My husband just said the most amazing thing to me... We are watching the red carpet for the Golden Globes and Heidi Klum is talking to Ryan Seacrest and I said, "OMG she looks amazing I can't believe she just had a's incredible!" My husband turns to me and says, "Yeah babe, but she doesn't have to cook all day!" I'm going to go ahead and say that I'm going to take that as the best compliment of the night! Thank you to my wonderful husband for understanding that I am just me and I will most likely never be a size 2 especially just months after giving birth.

One last thing...Yay for "Glee" winning tonight, it made this choir girl's night!!!

xoxo chef a

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