Friday, February 26, 2010

Mom Advice

On the IPOD "Rehab" by: Amy Winehouse

Yesterday morning I woke up, got out of bed, and thought I was going to fall over. My calves hurt so bad.... It felt like I was having a constant "Charley horse." I took some "Midol" because that is what I take when anything hurts (If they give it to the Marines, then it's good enough for me.) And then I tried to go on with my lovely day. I got dressed in my new "Nia" pants (which are a little tighter in the tush are than I am used to), I even made my husband wake up just to feel my butt and then started on some much needed office work. The I met one of my best friends, Tiffany, for a quick lunch and had an ab workout from all the laughing...I made Tiffany feel my butt too!

By about 3 o'clock I was having serious doubts about going to Nia, my left calf was in dire straits. I made a quick decision to rub my legs with both "Bengay" and "Arnica Gel" and within five minutes I had decided that was the worst decision of my life!!!! My friend Theresa was subbing the Nia class though and I really wanted to go. So I just decided to give it a try...

The first thing I did was talk to my Nia girls about the Zensual class, my new pants, and I even let two of them feel my butt. We are funny girls we each have our spots on the dance floor...when the class started we were all ready to go and then about 5 minutes into class a straggler came in and stood within a foot of me, now the annoying part was that the room wasn't even that full so the fact that she was completely in my personal space when there was clearly more room was not acceptable. I probably kind of annoyed her because my leg was hurting so bad that I had to keep stopping so then she moved into Karen's space. Now Karen had a new approach, she gave her the funniest stare down that I have ever seen in my life. So funny that I couldn't keep it together and I just started laughing. Karen finally gave up and moved to the back row with me. The she started to inch over to Arlene's personal space...I again couldn't keep it together. The pain in my legs got so bad that between songs I said to Arlene, "I need mom advice, what do I do?" She turned to me and said, "Just tell her to get out of your space!!!!!" She didn't realize that I was talking about my legs! It was so funny that the three of us sounded like little girls giggling.

I rushed out of class to go to dinner at Susie's house with a special guest who reads the blog...Dinner was amazing, Susie made this Soba noodle dish with a really good primavera sauce that I 'm hoping to get the recipe for so that I can post it! We talked about eating issues and weightloss and of all things "Bully Sticks" (this is a dog treat that Susie buys, you are actually going to have to look it up, it's a little disturbing!) I did get Susie to try on "Kandi", and I think she liked it!

I am hoping my legs and the muscle relaxer decide to work by tonight because I'm going to the "All you can dance party for Haiti relief" at Move Studio. Can't wait to see everyone there!!

xoxo chef a


Leenie said...

Poor baby, feeling any better????? And I'm telling you, if she stumbles into my personal again, "look - out"!!!!!

terrepruitt said...

Funny how people are with "their spots". I always try to get people to move, but some people won't go far from their spots. Others will travel all the way around the room and not care where they land, but others, keep one foot in "their spot".

Whenever I am sore I use

terrepruitt said...

I am not a Zheng Gu Shui dealer, it is just something my husband learned about so I blogged about it.