Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kandi and Veronica

On the IPOD "Everywhere I Go" by: Lissie

Last week I signed up for a 6 week series workshop called "Zensual Dancing Bootcamp"

"A powerful exotic dancing workout designed to tone, strengthen, build flexibility, increase confidence and improve posture. An inspiring, motivating, and seductive way to get into shape that has women coming back for more!"

I was really excited about it because the "Hot Seat" workshop was so fun. The first class was last Wednesday. The group of girls in the class seem great and we did a short run through just to get ourselves used to dancing in the room and with each other. I'm so glad I took the workshop first though...I already felt pretty comfortable. We also got some details about what we needed for the next class: knee pads and "stripper" heels!

Now let me assure you that I've heard every joke in the book about the knee pads this week and for the record I learned about all the uses way before I took a dance class!

Now I'm all about the outfits...I feel like If you really want to play the sport, you really need all the accoutrements (you really need to say this word with a French accent to get the full effect.) So today before class I went to buy my heels... There is a store here in Dallas called, "Electrique Boutique" (they are online too!) They have all kinds of things including costumes, heels, and even a couple of boas and tutus. I figured I would just go all out with the shoes...I mean they aren't expensive and the higher the heel the better the workout! As much as I wanted to try on the "Tip Jar" clear 7in Platforms (yes you read correctly these are 7in platform sandals that have a slit in the platform so that people can slide the tip into your shoe!) instead I decided to just buy the version with no "tip jar" in clear and in black (my signature color!) The salespeople were incredible, so nice and helpful...I tried on at least 6 different shoes in 2 different sizes.

On my way to buy knee pads I decided that my new shoes needed names... When my Aunt Mickie was going through chemo she named her wigs and in a homage to her, I decided that my shoes needed names because I don't want to be nailed down to just one! In the clear shoes my name will be Kandi with a K and an I and in the black shoes I will be know as Veronica. I think both names give me two full characters: Kandi- not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is fun, flirty, sweet, and kind of has that "girl next door" mentality and Veronica- is maybe a little too smart, sexy, passionate and probably deep down a little dirty!

When I got home I put on "Kandi" and proceeded to break her in a bit. Um...I could definitely feel the nine flights of stairs that I decided to run down at my client's highrise yesterday... I know that I'm going to build up unbelievable strength in this workshop, but I honestly don't know how I'm going to be able to squat low enough to drop to my knees without hitting my face first.

When I got to class, most of the girls didn't have their shoes yet. So we went through the routine barefoot, which was a great idea because I really felt like I needed to break the shoes in more. Even on the second day of the class, I feel like it is allowing me to open up so much more and to feel comfortable in this body that I have hated for so long. I can't even explain to you how much I am looking forward to the next class...

When I got home I decided to put "Kandi" back on...I mean I feel like if I'm going to write about her I need to be wearing her as I write!

xoxo chef a (aka "Kandi" and "Veronica")

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