Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Oldie but Goodie Club

On the IPOD "Let Him Fly" by: Dixie Chicks

Today started off like any other...I woke up, the alarm clock said 7:50am, I freaked out because I normally leave at 7 and then I remembered that I have still not changed the clock back an hour so it was really just 6:50am... 10 minutes later I pulled myself together and headed out the door. Most people don't understand my rush...they think that since I work for myself and make my own hours that I should just sleep in and get going whenever I feel like it. Yeah well, I've never been a sleep through the day kind of girl...I'm by no means saying that I have not been known to take a couple cat naps throughout the day, but in general I work off about 5-6 hours sleep and I usually wake up very early! I take my work very seriously, I run a very tight ship, and I would rather not be at a client's house later than 3pm. I am very particular about the food I buy...As I have said before I go to lots of different grocery stores each morning and without really thinking that hard I can tell you most products each one carries, how much it costs, and who is receiving a new shipment on any given day. I like things and people to be on time. I get extremely annoyed if I have to wait at a store and most butchers in town are very aware of how serious I am about the quality of cuts I want. When I starting Culinary School I was convinced I was going to be a Pastry Chef, I did very well in baking classes I even made a perfect score on my first technique exam but within about a month the instructor, Chef Chris Lalonde, of the saucier class next door, who would later become probably one of the most influential chefs in my career, walked into the class and informed me that I would not be a pastry chef and to transfer into his class asap. He was right and thank goodness I made an impact on him because otherwise I would be stuck in some bakery somewhere!! Sorry I went all in to this but I forget sometimes that there is a good number of you out there who don't know this stuff about me and I think it's important for you to know what I excel at and what I struggle with. If anybody out there has any questions please always feel free to write me.

On to the rest of my day...After work my friend Lisa called to ask if I would join her for a workout at my old gym. I decided to join her. Now I don't have a membership there anymore but my mom does and it used to be real easy to just quickly walk in and sign in. Not so easy anymore. Its like a fortress in there...I had to act like my mom, tell them my husband's name was Joe Bill (my dad) and I had promise to bring my card in next time. Suckers!! So anyways after about 10 minutes I realized why I wasn't so keen on joining...I would say about 50% of the people working out there look like they are going to meet their makers in the next 24 hours... There was a very nice gentleman in his 90s working out in bluejeans on my right and then another gentleman probably in his late 70s walking on the treadmill in knee highs in front of me. I mean Mike definitely did not have to worry about me eye cheating on him. But I did have a great workout...They have this machine there that makes you feel like your speed skating, it's great I'm like the best skater ever without skates on!!! I even threw in 60 crunches in the gym (I normally do these at home because I really don't want the mass of personal trainers at the gym to notice me doing something wrong ) . I wish you could go to any gym on any day for just 5 dollars a day. I mean I understand people who like getting into a routine but I'm not one of them...I like to change it up that's why I enjoy Nia class so much because it is different everyday.
So we decided to run by this healthier froyo place on the way home because they supposedly have a great peppermint yogurt (9 calories an ounce) (yes that would be at least 16 hours before I caved in). Yeah well it tasted like metallic medicine. So I didn't get it boo!!! When I got home we had a quick bite to eat, Chinese Chicken with brown rice, and watched a little t.v. and I managed to do 40 lunges during commercial breaks! My thighs and abs are not real happy right now...and I'm slightly falling asleep with the keyboard on my lap. Alright off to bed...

xoxo chef a


jachart007 said...

i just love reading your blog - and saw your facebook halloween look wonderful!! keep the entries coming!

Susan said...

it's cool that you found out what you were good at early on. i worked behind a desk for so long and i finally got sick of it. now i'm working in a bakery/cafe and love it. :-P is that crazy or what?
keep up the work outs. i've gotten lazy myself. with two kiddos and a job, it's hard for me to find time when i'm not just worn out.