Tuesday, November 17, 2009

6 Pairs Of $1.99 Pants

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There is nothing like a move to stress out your life...cable boxes, Internet connections, lost items that you must have on a moments notice in some box that you didn't label last minute, and it seems like every company you speak to needs more money and longer contracts. And the worst of it is your husband is working awful hours and your pots and pans are still packed up and there is nothing healthy to just grab for dinner, oh wait that last part is just me!

I even tried to be handy while Mike was still at work. I installed spice racks into the pantry, it only took me two tries, and yes that is pretty exciting for me! Other than that I opened the box labelled kitchen tools and then quickly shut it and decided to watch T.V. instead. I wish I could get a little motivated to organize, but to tell you the truth I spend all day looking at kitchen tools and it is pretty much the last thing I want to do when I get home.

The closet is even worse...Why do we hold onto clothes that even if we ever do fit into them again chances are we would just buy new things. A prime example: When I graduated high school we had to wear a white dress...(yes I know, my college prep school was still trying to convince the world that we were all pure). I had my dress made mainly because I didn't want to look like a chubby girl stuffed into a dress designed for a size 2. Now why have I held on to a white dress from 1997 that I will truly never wear again? Who knows but here it sits in my closet never to be worn again... The same thing goes for the 6 pairs of corduroys that I bought at Old Navy on sale (for $1.99!!!) 6 years ago a size too small thinking that I would lose weight to fit into them! My mom always told me to never buy things based on the fact that I would lose weight to wear them...but of course I didn't listen. So here I sit folding 6 pairs of brand new 6 year old winter pants that will probably sit here for another year before they either fit or don't!

So as Thanksgiving approaches I thought I'd give yall some tips...My first tip is about sweet potatoes. First of all I like to start with a variety of sweet potatoes, I like the organic ones because they taste better mainly because they are not overproduced and rushed to our groceries (ruby, jewel, jersey, or just regular). I poke a couple of holes in the skin and place them in a big foil pan. I roast them at 400* for about 1 hour or until they are very soft when I push on the skin and they smell right! Then I take them out and let them cool enough (not totally cold) until the skin just slips off. I place them in a big bowl with a little bit of salted butter and mash'em up with the butter. Here is where you can get creative... I like to add sea salt and freshly ground black pepper and that's it for me personally and this way relatively healthy. You could also add a bit of cinnamon and brown sugar and top with marshmallows or a pecan crumble (brown sugar, butter, a little flour, salt and pecan chips.) What I mean is that you can use whatever family recipe you like but the key is to bake them and not boil them which leaches out all the great flavor and nutrients unless you're planning on drinking the boiling water. And please for heavens sake don't buy the canned ones!!!!! I mean I'm all for wasting calories on a national holiday but make the calories worth it! I mean let's make a pact that if we do go nuts on Thanksgiving that we put our forks down if it doesn't taste amazing because I believe the food should always be amazing!! And yes that means I'm giving you the right to look your host or hostess in the eyes and just simply say, "sorry it's just not worth it!"....I'm kidding just fake a stomach ache!

I would love to hear what kind of recipes yall are interested in having for Thanksgiving...

xoxo chef a

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