Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Humps

On the IPOD "My Humps" by: Black Eyed Peas

So although I really wanted to write my blog yesterday, I could not because of some unforeseen computer difficulties, ie: Mike needed to use the computer parts for a "project". Anyways I wanted to leave you all with a sort of funny embarrassing tidbit for you to mull over this weekend....
My boobs.
I have to tell you when they showed up at age 11 I was not thrilled. I never got to wear the little cute training bras because I went from flat to a b cup overnight. They were always in my way. I played volleyball, basketball, and softball when I was younger and I remember thinking , "ugh I wish I could just get rid of them." It wasn't really until I was about 16 and a DD that I realized they had power... Instead of thinking they were working against me I realized that although I was punished with weight issues I was blessed in the fact that I had a great rack and I didn't have acne. Hey you gotta notice your good traits right? I remember at about 17 when the Wonderbra was introduced and I thought it was a good idea to buy one. So there I am stuffing my size DD boobs into a D cup because that's the biggest cup they carried. That night one of my guy friends looked over and said, "Amanda have you done something different?" Yeah I was different alright... it was right then that I realized that the three of us were going to be very happy and I'm not referring to the guy!!

My boobs and I have been through everything together. We were together in my late teens and early 20s when I was super hippie and didn't wear a bra ( never a good idea when your boobs are big...first of all you should give them support as often as possible and second I could've knocked somebody's eye out. Hey but this is when I snagged my husband!!) Then they were with me when I covered myself up with as much clothing as possible because I thought that noone would notice my weight if my clothes were big. They were pretty well hidden for a good 6 years...And then about 3 years ago when I realized there were girl clothes out there in my size...they were back out again and by this time they had perfected the push up bra for big busted girls so I had one in every color. It was a pretty wonderful feeling to feel like a girl. It was in combination with the whole plus size model explosion. Since then I have tamed my sexy dress code into a more conservative look although I have been know to bring the girls out on special occasions. My friends make fun of me because 9 out of 10 times my hands are usually on my boobs, like in conversation obviously not all day I would look silly.

Unfortunately my boobs are shrinking... I have secretly always been a little nervous that if I lost weight they would just go away... And they are definitely changing. My husband even asked me the other day..."where are your boobs?" It's very sad, they have always been my identity...I wonder what my new identity will be...I wonder if my body will catch up and at the end Ill be a thin girl with big boobs? Hmmmm...What are the chances???? So if in public you see me holding them a little more please understand that I am trying to enjoy what could be my last winter with them!!

I said I'd talk about food in every post so I'd like you to know that I would kill for a skor bar right now!!!!

xoxo chef a


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chefkristin said...

Hi Amanda, just wantedt to let you know that I do read your blog almost everyday, but through my phone which is kind of a pain to leave a message through.

This post struck me because I have had the same experience with my boobs through weight loss....ok..I'm getting pretty personal hear, my boobs are & were...swallow....40DDD. Right before I started PC'ing, I had lost 65 pounds and was at a 38D. Although it sounds like a great size, my boobs that I have always shown off were now hanging and sagging without a bra on. When I laid down, they just flopped to each side. It was NOT pretty. Needless to say, I have gained a good chunk back, have the boobs again, but they are lower than they were. My goal is to have a reduction/lift when I have the money and when I have more weight off again.

So, I just want you to know that I feel your pain, I LOVE your blog, and keep getting the nice bras to make you feel good (and supported).