Saturday, April 10, 2010

Poteet Karaoke

On the IPOD "All-American Girl" by: Carrie Underwood

It is Sunday night, Day 3, of the Poteet Strawberry Festival. We have sold thousands of dollars worth of jelly. The hours have been ridiculous, Saturday was a 15 hour day...We have dealt with wind storms and overcast and even a little rain, but it was actually pretty fun!

I'll start with yesterday to get you caught up...

So the most amusing part of yesterday was that while I was looking through the schedule of events I noticed that there was Karaoke from 12-6 on one of the stages. Well since not everyone of you know me personally, I have to explain that Karaoke is in my blood. I just can't seem to stay away if I know that it is happening. So I told everyone I'd see them in a little while and headed to stage #7.

When I walked up I was inundated with pageant girls, some young some old, but all dressed up with their hair done. I walked right up to the DJ and explained my situation. "I'm here selling jelly and I only have a couple of minutes, is there any way you could squeeze me in?" She agreed to let me up in two people! As I waited and watched the little girls singing their pre-rehearsed duet with their mom mouthing in the audience and the older man sing to his girlfriend, I wondered if I would be less or more nervous than when I sing at bars with all of my friends... I wasn't nervous at all, it even felt like the old days in high school and college when I actually preformed (I majored in Vocal Jazz Performance before switching to culinary school.) When I left the stage I felt great! Singing makes me feel stronger in my soul and I tend to forget that until I do it again. I was even approached by a woman looking for talent to play in a couple of bars in Corpus Christi (a small beach town in Texas)...I explained that although I was flattered, I live in Dallas.

When I got back to the booth, I told everyone what had happened and explained that if my parents had just taken me to Corpus as a child I could've been a contender!

I have to say that the most amusing thing about the weekend is that I am by no stretch of the means a wilderness girl...I'm not big on dirt, I don't really wear jeans, I don't like the outdoors unless its a beach and I have a very big problem with bugs. It is such a problem that my friend Lacey, whose mom runs the booth next to us, has to save me from various critters on a regular basis. It's not just "Princess Amanda" though, my aunt and my mom scream at a pretty high pitch too..

Food wise I didn't do terrible... although I did break down and have fries and teddy grams for dinner tonight! Lol!! But I walked around the festival so much that surely I worked off every calorie I put into my mouth and the fries were totally worth it!

I'll miss my friends here in Poteet and of course my family, but I'm very ready to get back to Dallas. I miss my husband, I miss my friends, I miss Nia and I miss Wonton. I don't really miss work :P !!

Signing off from the 2010 Poteet Strawberry Festival!

xoxo chef a

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Debbie said...

Wish I could have been there to hear you sing!! (I would have stolen a couple french fries too...)