Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Newest Hawaiian Tropics Plus Size Model

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So as you all know, I started this blog to find the real me. Because of that I decided a while ago that if I have an opportunity to try something new then I'm just not going to not think about it and instead just take it.

For the last 20 years or so I have been ridiculed for my extremely fair skin. My brothers, who are both extremely tan not just because they spend time outdoors but because it is just in their genes, constantly made fun of me for it. They would tell people I was scared of the sun! As I grew up I took full ownership of my magnolia colored skin. If someone made a comment I would quickly quirk back, "well tell me how you feel about it in 20 years when I have no wrinkles!"

If truth be told I would love a little sun glow, but believe it there is no way in hell that I am going to be laying out in a bathing suit! So when I was approached to try this new all natural spray tan called SunFX and I found out that it was mobile and that this amazing girl would come to my house and do it right there for me in complete privacy, I immediately signed up! The best thing about it is that it is custom so she is able to highlight your best areas and distract from your worst.

All day yesterday I had butterflies in my stomach...I was not only worried about changing the color of my skin (yes I'm aware it's not permanent) but I was also more worried about the whole undressing factor.

When Tiffany arrived at my house, she completely put me at ease. She even agreed to work around the armour that I refused to take off, (boy-shorts and an old tank top that I had in such a way that she could spray my chest without being fully exposed.) Hey lets be honest I wasn't really worried about the tan lines that no one except my husband will ever see. I explained to Tiffany that she was dealing with virgin skin, I have never spray tanned or even used tanning lotion and lets be honest I am a little scared of the sun!

I decided to stick with a level one because I didn't want to get crazy or anything. So after she set up her completely private tanning tent, I lotioned up my hands and feet and we got right to it...It was a little cold but not too bad and I was much more comfortable that I thought I would ever be. Even when I had a boob pop out...I just grabbed it real quick and shoved it back in. Within about 5-10 minutes I was done! And all I have to say I looked pretty amazing. I have never been tan like this in my life.

I actually can't stop starring at myself. I have this completely natural looking glow with even skin tone and on top of that it makes me feel skinnier!! I called Mike at work and told him that I hope he is ready to see the newest Hawaiian Tropics plus size model, he laughed! Who would have ever thought that a tan would make me feel so good about myself. I'm pretty sure that I'm signing up for this on a regular basis. SunFX is completely different than other formulas out there...I mean I see girls all the time that have gone way too far and are various shades of orange but this is a beautiful golden color that looks totally natural.

If you are in the Dallas area call Tiffany Ackerman, she is a trained specialist with SunFX and she will either come to your house or you are able to go to her at the Michael Flores Salon. She is completely professional and she has a good heart which are the two things that matter the most to me. This is not just for movie stars but it does make you feel like a movie star! When I told her that I was going to write about how good I feel she offered to give all of my readers a 15% discount on a home or salon visit. Pretty cool of her if you ask me. Just mention Chef Amanda when you call!!!

Tiffany Ackerman
SunFX Specialist

If you are not in the Dallas Area but are still interested in SunFX Spray Tan, you can go to their website and find a salon near you.

xoxo chef a

Disclaimer: I was not paid nor did I receive any compensation for featuring this service on my blog!

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