Sunday, September 19, 2010


On the IPOD "A Little Bit Stronger" By: Sara Evans

Sorry I've been MIA this weekend but to tell you the truth I was slightly overwhelmed with cooking for Yom Kippur (Probably the most important Jewish holiday!) I'm starting to realize that I'm going to have to really be selective and slow down over Thanksgiving and the December Holidays and mainly just focus on my regular clients... that should go over well!

On another note I finally bit the bullet and took my first trip to the maternity store... I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on my pre-pregnancy jean size and they ended up being 2 sizes too big and not in the places that I will grow while pregnant. The funny thing is that when I tried them on the sales lady said, "Wow, those are way too big you need a smaller size." I'm going to go ahead and say that that was the first time that I've ever heard that statement! When the lower sized jeans didn't come in the right color I realized how ridiculous I was being in the first place... There is no way that I'm going to wear maternity jeans I don't even own a pair of regular jeans so I don't really know what I was thinking... Instead I ended up with a super cute pair of bootcut black pants (in the smaller size!) and a black dress for special occasions. Besides that I'm just going to wear the heck out of my stretchy black yoga and Nia pants and some simple black camisoles with wraps and sweaters.

The greatest part of this coming week is that The State Fair of Texas opens on Friday! I cant wait to be out there with good friends and I'm hoping Baby Marrone will cooperate... I'm not going to be stupid though...I'm taking my own car, I'm going to drink lots of water, and I will try to stay indoors most of the day.

I can't believe I am 6 months preggers and only have 4 months to go! It's just crazy before I know it I will be posting baby pics and discussing spit up. Oh and I will gladly return to my weightloss struggles!

I hope everyone has a perfect Monday and now that the holidays are over for awhile I should be posting more regularly!

xoxo chef a

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