Monday, March 2, 2015

The Recovery

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First off I'm so sorry for the delay in reporting how levi is doing. I'm not going to lie, we have had a rough week.... And I really needed things to get better before I could write if that makes sense...

When I left you last it was about midnight on Friday night after Levi's surgery. I had a bit of a scare because I could not get levi to wake up. We had to call the on call dr in the middle of the night because levi just wouldn't wake up and was breathing funny and I was scared out of my mind. Everyone had told me to stay on top of his meds making sure that we woke him up in the middle of the night to take them... Well there was no waking him up... I sat for the next 6 hours and watched him breathe.  He really didn't come around until 6 am. The doctors had told us that Saturday would be the best day. He had a nerve block so there wasn't very much pain. He was uncomfortable but it was not terrible. 

Luca came home in the afternoon with 102.5.  I ran him to pedi after hours because I was worried about an ear infection because there were no other symptoms but they told me that it was probably a virus and teething.  So we just treated the fever and held him...

Over the next 24 hours things got progressively worse, levi was throwing up blood and having massive stomach distress and luca's fever was up to 104. We tried and tried to get levi to spit any blood out but he kept swallowing it which just made things worse. And He was bouncing off the walls! Luca was a full blown mess and very unhappy. Oh wait and this is where is gets good... Ice storm 2015 was upon us and I was bracing myself for lockdown with two sick kids who couldn't even hangout together and No way out...

Monday morning luca woke up with 104.5. Because of the ice storm we couldn't get through to the doctor,  The after hours phone line was messed up for both our pediatrician and for Levi's Ent so besides a pediatrician friend who is amazing and talked me through what was going on, I really had no contact with the doctors who were keeping tabs on how it was going!   I was just trying to keep everyone happy and comfortable and away from each other! 

I had the bright idea of setting up an air mattress in the tv room and levi pretty much spent all day there, it was pretty genius! Monday night luca's fever finally broke. Levi's stomach was still an issue but we discovered that he was having an adverse reaction to the pain medicine which was making him crazy, so we just treated him with over the counter meds! 

Tuesday morning i was able to get in contact with our pedi office and got luca in. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't an ear infection... Well as soon as I removed his shirt I noticed a rash all over his body... He had roseola. High fever followed by a rash... Pretty textbook. And he was/is cutting his I teeth which are just the most awesome ones... And the most painful! Levi on the other hand seemed to be getting a bit better... On Wednesday, His class FaceTimed him which was the highlight of his day! They also sent a cute video which we have probably watched 100 times. He started to become very lethargic that afternoon and by Wednesday night was complaining of pain which he really just doesn't do.

I felt like an awesome mother when at his one week follow up appt the ENT found fluid in both ears (obviously why he was feeling worse!) Everything else was looking good but the dr thought that the infection was not responding to the antibiotic he was on (shocking! Not!) so we changed antibiotics! The ear issues can happen during sinus surgery as they flush the sinuses... water and bacteria can enter the ear canal... We are hoping that it was just part of the surgery and that he is now on the mend! He will be out of school another week mainly for the purpose of giving his little body a chance to heal and giving his immune system a much needed break. 

I can not begin to thank our amazing school community and friends for really taking the best care of us. A couple of the most incredible ladies set up a meal train for us and I really didn't have to worry about dinner for the whole week which was awesome. And those of you who brought gifts, lunch, games, movies and art projects to keep us busy... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

I am not one to ask for help. It is just not in my nature and these amazing people in my life just did it. They helped us. They took care of us! They called and texted and made us feel loved everyday and there is nothing I can do or say or even write that will fully express how much it meant to me, mike, levi and luca. We will forever be grateful! 

Here's to hoping this week is a calm one! 

xoxo chef a 

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