Friday, December 31, 2010

On to the New Year...

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Well Hello... I know it has been quite some time, but I'm sure those of you who have been pregnant understand that the last couple of weeks are beyond not fun...

First I'll give you an update on little Levi... I was scheduled to be induced on Jan 8th unfortunately Levi has clammed up and decided that he is not willing to come out the old-fashioned way. He has decided that the birth canal is really not on his agenda so unless he changes his mind I will instead be most likely having a Cesarean on Jan 8th. Something tells me that he is taking after my husband and likes to take his sweet time to do things. I feel like the phrase, "Levi where are your shoes???" might be heard quite a bit in the mornings at our house. Either way it looks like 8 days from now I will be holding my baby boy instead of feeling him kicking me in the ribs!

On another note I feel like I have worried about my weight this entire pregnancy.. I have gained about 22 pounds, 2 of which are in the form of water weight in my puffy little hands. I am surrendering this last week though... I can honestly say that I don't care... I refuse to step on another scale or count calories in my head all day... the funny thing is that I will most likely lose weight because I wont be so focused on it! I have worried that my blood pressure would spike or my sugars would be high, but thank goodness that hasnt happened. My doctor even said this week, "I cant believe your blood pressure is still so low!"

I have learned many things over this last year of pregnancy some are good some not so good... I have learned how to throw up in every possible bathroom in the state of Texas. I have learned that when cooking over a gas stove while 8 months pregnant you must remember that your baby belly is at the exact height of the open flames. I have learned that I am not the type of girl who loves being pregnant...I actually think the girls that say they love it are really liars! I have learned to have tissues ready when I call the medical insurance company because I always end up in tears. And I have learned that most things are completely out of my control! Oh and one more thing...Ive learned that the only thing that saved the girl, whos never been pregnant, from being punched in the face when she actually told me last week that "I needed to just suck it up for the next weeks" is the fact that I couldn't roll myself off the couch quick enough to hit her!

I hope everyone has the most wonderful New Years Eve and Day. And I hope the next year is filled with love, adventure, and peace for each and every one of you! I will update you with any news as soon as it happens... For more up to the minute details I would check in on my facebook page!

xoxo chef a

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Toni Tanner Scott said...

Hang in there, Amanda. Jan 8 will be here before you know it. I was on bed rest for the last two week of my last two pregnancies. Back then there wasn't even reality TV to entertain me. Thinking of you.