Sunday, November 21, 2010

Birthing Class

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So Ive come to a conclusion that it is amazing I made it through high school! My attention span is terrible. I can't tell you the last time I had to sit through a class while not on ADHD meds but let's just say that the first half of birthing class was painfully difficult...

Our class started at 9 am and they consider this particular class to be the crash course on babies. We went into it knowing that it would be an all day affair and that we would leave knowing most of everything we need to at least get Levi home. I was a nanny for about 7 years until I went full time personal chef but that was a good 10 years ago so I knew I would be a tad bit rusty.

When we got to the full class we all went around and said our names, our due date, sex of baby, and name if we had it. I'm going to go ahead and say the group was definitely a mixed bunch... some married, some not, some older, and some most likely still in high school. It did make me grateful that we are at the stage in our life that we are. Everybody seemed nice enough although the guy next to Mike had I would say the worst dandruff Ive ever seen, he definitely needs a good sterilization before his child comes!

The first half of the class was about the actual birth. Breathing techniques, positions, med choices, and films and slides of what actually happens to your body. Lets just say I almost lost it when they showed what 10 cm really looks like. An anesthesiologist came to speak with us about an epidural and that might have been the best part of the first half. It was incredibly nice of him to take time to answer everyones questions.

By 12 pm I didn't know if I would be able to sit any longer...thank goodness we went on a tour of the hospital. We visited labor and delivery, the nursery, and postpartum. The teacher explained to us the importance of having everyone leave the room after the birth and giving ourselves an opportunity to breastfeed and bond until they move us to the postpartum room. After the tour we took a break for lunch.

After lunch we started on baby care. Each couple got a baby and we learned about the first bath and how to take care of the umbilical cord and circumcision site. We also learned soothing techniques, diaper duty, and swaddling. We discussed SIDS, colds, and pediatricians. And we spent a good hour talking about breastfeeding including positioning, pumping, and problems. After we cleaned up our bathing mess she passed out the CPR babies. We took turns and learned infant CPR and the Heimlich. And finish off the class by discussing car seats and baby safety.

The second part of the class was by far my favorite...I'm definitely a hands on kind of person! By the time we got home I was exhausted! Unfortunately I've been fighting with third trimester "morning sickness" and have been sick every night lately. This next week is going to be crazy. This is the last holiday I'm working before the baby comes...I swear...well for clients at least.

All in all even with the ADHD I'm so glad we went to the class. I'm so glad that I feel like a have a timeline and that I know what I need to go ahead and take care of and that I feel even more confident of my birthing decisions. Best of all Mike and I are totally on the same page as far as baby care and I feel confident that if I can't handle something at any given moment...he can. We walked in as Amanda and Mike and walked out as Team Marrone. Pretty cool if you ask me!

xoxo chef a

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