Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bathroom Breaks

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Oh my I'm sorry it has been so long but when I say I have been working my tail off I really have ...yesterday alone I had count them 3 clients in Fort Worth which is a good 45 minutes from where I live... It was nice to get them all done in one day but my body is taking a beating for sure!

Over the weekend I had some 3D/4D sonogram pictures taken, I posted one on the blog but feel free to check the others out on my facebook page. It was an awesome experience I can't believe he already has a little personality in there... it made everything even more real.

I think that the worst thing about being 8 months preggers is the constant need to go to the bathroom...especially in the middle of the night when my legs dont want to cooperate. Anyone who works on their feet all day know what im talking about when I say that my feet and legs just take a little bit more time to start going in the middle of the night and in the morning but mix that with a bouncing baby boy on my bladder and the need to go potty like 5 minutes ago and what you get is a waddling uncomfortable pregnant girl running to the bathroon in the middle of the night with no feeling in her legs and more times then not a need to take a shower afterwards because she didnt quite make it. Im really ready for January!

I guess the point of all of this is so you are so humiliated by the time you give birth that you no longer really care what people think when your kid is screaming in the middle of the grocery store! But of course, I have no idea about kids screaming in public because my son will be a perfect gentleman...ya right!

Well I guess I should get myself ready for another day at work...Ugh!

xoxo chef a

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you've got a good grip on it all. And yeah, in fact by the time you hit the 5-6 week post-partum checkup you might wonder why all the "privacy"... LOL