Saturday, October 16, 2010

Work Work and More Work

On the IPOD "Raise Your Glass" By: Pink

I have been working to the max...I guess it has to do with my overwhelming need to put everything into place before the baby gets here and knowing that I am going to have to take off a little bit of time forces my ocd self to strike while the iron is hot. Unfortunately the downfall of this is that I haven't had a day of this week and I'm even working on Saturday as well...

I'm feeling pretty good just tired...I've had some Braxton Hicks contractions not terrible just a little nerve wracking. I swear this child is kicking me all night long which makes sleeping a luxury! I'm having a major craving for pumpkin bread so I hope to spend a little time this weekend trying to come up with a killer version, hopefully somewhat low in fat and sugar...I'll let you know how it goes... My Mother in law is hosting a tea for me with her closest girlfriends tomorrow afternoon and I'm looking forward to a fun relaxing afternoon. I was going to work a little in the morning but my mom stepped in and vetoed that decision, so instead I'm treating myself to a deluxe mani pedi.

Sorry I've been sort of absent lately but it is really difficult to write a lot since I feel like I'm just complaining about the state I'm in. I swear I'm just wondering where are the girls that think pregnancy is the best thing since sliced bread and why can't I catch a little of their positive attitude! Cause I feel like I'm in complete bitch mode and I'm pretty sure that everyone around me agrees!

xoxo chef a


Jule Aguirre said...

I love me some 'bitches'!!! To quote Billy Joel..."I love you just the way you are...."!

well, wheile you are making your killer pumpkin loaf!!!

I am so happy your mom vetoed you this am!

jule said...

ok...something happened...1/2 my comment was flushed! I was saying....when you make your PLoaf, can you just mix up 2? One for your loving Nia guru? ; )

Toni Tanner Scott said...

Fond memories. The kicking all night long--as well as getting up to go to the bathroom 4 times during the night (this will come soon, if it hasn't already)--all that is getting you used to not sleeping after the baby is born. Ahhhh, Mother Nature thinks of everything!