Friday, October 22, 2010

Tests, Shots, and New Pants!

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Well today is the big doctors appointment... fasting blood work, sonogram, flu shot and the rhogam shot. For those of you who don't know when you have a negative blood type and you have a baby, you have to get a shot so that your body doesn't build up antibodies against the babies. Anyways there could be a hundred mornings where I'm never hungry but yet just the thought that I cant eat anything puts me into a tail spin. I even had a dream that I accidentally ate a carrot in my sleep and messed up the test... Oops! I'm gonna be late I'll write more later...

Ok I'm back, the test was terrible... Thank goodness I got through the blood draw but as soon as I got into the car after lunch let's just say food on a sugary empty stomach is a recipe for disaster! I got so sick that I not only threw up but I also peed my pants... Ah the joys of pregnancy! When I called the doctors office the nurse informed me that this happens alot especially when you take the one hour test on an empty stomach. I better pass because I refuse to take the three hour test... I would rather just go on a sugar free diet!

Today, Saturday, I'm helping my mom with a jelly show at J.J. Pearce high school in Richardson. If your around you should stop by , the only time I won't be there is between 11-2:30 because I'm going to a friends baby shower. It's also open tomorrow... There are a crazy amount of vendors with really good stuff so something tells me I'll be shopping too... Let's hope someone has some really cute baby boy stuff!

The baby is measuring almost 3 pounds and he looks perfect. Unfortunately he is still breech! Here's to hoping that he turns around and gets into the right position!

So I hope to see you at the show this weekend and then you can see this baby bump up close and personal!

Xoxo chef a

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