Friday, August 20, 2010

Surprise Surprise

So I don't even have time to look for a song to list but I have some news....

I should've listened to my dad...never get news on Friday the 13th!

I went back in today for my 20th week sonogram and low and behold there was a penis and testicles.

We are having a BOY!

I think my jaw hit the floor when they told me but we are thrilled!

The baby looks healthy and perfect in every way!

And the name hunt starts all over again...

xoxo chef a


ll.rountree said...

Congrats!!! I have two boys and they are wonderful!!! I can say that now that they are out of the house and on their own!!! Ha! We need more guys in Nia too!!!
Lisa Rountree

Amanda said...

Hehehe!! Yeah, sometimes those little parts are hiding. My sister's supposedly having a girl, but we're not going to put much money on that until we are positive the little one hasn't just been a very coy, modest little boy!

My first son was called Michael Elizabeth up until he was born because each sonographer thought he was a different gender. Heh.

Jule said...

my jaw is on the FLOOR! You & baby Marrone really know how to put a spin on us! How wonderful! We need more 'yang' in Nia Class! Welcome Baby Marrone! Be prepared to always be surrounded by very powerful women!