Thursday, June 3, 2010

Missing Nia...

On the IPOD "All that Jazz" by: Various Artists (Chicago- The Musical)

Oh, how I miss Nia... I have been taking Nia classes since September and it has changed my life. I never though in a million years that I would actually find a workout class that I can't stand to be away from. But when my doctor said at the last visit that considering my past pregnancy history he felt that it would be better to not dance until we can get a better look at the baby (to be reassuring to everyone we have seen a heartbeat and everything is in the right place...)in a couple of weeks, I agreed to sacrifice! :)

I miss every part of it though: the music, the moves, but most importantly I miss the people. I have made some of the most incredible friends and I miss them terribly! Although I feel their love from a distance, I'm really ready to be back... There is something about dancing that makes you feel relaxed and allows you to let go of whatever drama you brought into the room. It is ultimately freeing! I cant wait for the baby to experience the calm of dancing to some of the best music out there and to be a part of this special community!

To my friends: I miss your bright and shining faces! I hope that nobody is stealing my spot mainly because I don't want to have to steal someone else's spot when I get back because I will be back...I have had a big talk with the baby and I think we have come to an understanding that dancing is just a must even if I have to break out level 1/2 which I'm pretty sure relates closely to 6th grade slow dancing! :)

My hope for you out there is that you find an activity that you love as much as I love dancing because it will change your life. It will change the way you see yourself and your body. And most importantly it will allow you to be in the now and that seems to be a hard place to get to in this fast paced society that we have built...

I'm going to go and eat a cracker before you know who has a freaking conniption!

xoxo chef a


sharyn said...

I am a friend who understands the place in your heart that Nia holds once your embrace the practice. When your heart sends you a message and you miss going to class more than you think your would miss breathing than you have truly become a North Dallas Nian. More than three years ago when I went to my first class (Fire Dance), I thought that I made a connection with my body that was not possible. Returning from a debilitation injury to my hip, I regained the place in my heart that satisfied my need for movement, passion and spirituality.
In my first Nia class, I reconnected to the place that running once gave me but at a much different level of consciousness. The connect to mind, spirit and feet was never a part of my life long practice. Once I learned that this was the perfect combination of environment, friendships and teaching, I was hooked. Nia friends come and go, for reasons and seasons, relationships you make generally stay in the room and once you leave they and you go back to your other life to only return once you step back into the sacred space. That's not it for all Amanda, relationships, some do take it farther than the walls can hold and that's just another gift from being in the space. For those of us there are those who reach out beyond the walls of the room to relate on other levels but I find that to be far and few however that is not something sad or negative. Those people are the jewels you meet along life's path no matter what the dance it. I have come to appreciate and love that what I have with Nia is primarily for the hour when I am in the space and very selfish. If I can go on a regular basis, I feel the love and when I have to stay away for personal health or life's circumstances I have seen and watched the relationships that I thought were personal move in new and other directions. At first I thought this was sad but what I realized is that life is for the moment, not for the expectation and what ever we can get out of the hour in the sacred space at the move studio with our beloved friends is mostly for the hour. When I recover from my injury, I will be back as often as life allows me but with the understanding the while I am there I feel what I love and need to and when I walk out the door there's no guarantee that it will be or feel the same unless I work very hard at making it happen. About your spot, I think if you are comfortable enough with Nia any spot can be yours just like anything else that you want. If you claim it when you return or let your Nia buddies know it's importance as some do, when you return the seas will part and you will find the comfort of the friendship and love that exists within the walls of the dance. The message your body is giving you speaks loud and clear, the friends, your space and what you love is waiting for you.
I have met some of the most amazing men and women in our class, sometimes I don't see them for a year, but when they step back into the space it's like they never left.
Love and Miss U

Anonymous said...

Hi Darling. There are no words to say how much I miss your loving, smiling face in class. But, nothing is more important than that little bundle you are carrying. So whatever it takes to insure the well being of your baby and you, we must all live with! I so understand everything your missing, as Nia literally "saved" me after the death of my Mom. But I promise you, we will all be there waiting for you whenever you are able to come back. As for your "spot", we're only keeping it warm for you! I miss and love you lots! I am going to go by Lucy around 2:15 tomorrow so maybe I will be lucky enough to see you there. We can go get coffee or something!!! Love, Arlene

Amanda said...

I missed that you're expecting -- that's wonderful!! My little sister (she's edging up on 31) is going to have her first in September.

She just came down this past week and my foot-in-mouth self said "Wow, for the first time in 15 years my stomach is flatter than yours!" It is a testimony to her calm state of mind that she didn't flatten me, LOL.

Enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

What an amazing post and response from all our Nia friends. I miss not having you behind me and look forward to your (uuummm that is both of you) return! I am heading off to Santa Fe today and hope to be back enjoying all the wonderful vibes from all the wonderful people at Nia next Tuesday. Lots of love Karen