Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream...

On the IPOD "Little House" by: Amanda Seyfried

First item of business...I have a few clients who are going out of town for the summer and although normally I take a break, this year because of our impending baby I would love to pick up a couple of clients. I thought I would offer it up to my readers before the general public. If you are interested in having some delicious nutritious meals that I prepare right in your house using the freshest and best ingredients let me know. You can reach me through email or on the phone 214-460-6579.

So with that out of the way, Yesterday I broke down and had an ice cream cone for lunch. It was really the only thing that sounded edible as the thought of real food is really making my stomach turn these days. I have to say it was fantastic...a single scoop of peppermint ice cream on a sugar cone. To be honest I can not remember how long it's been since I stepped foot in an ice cream store... I have to admit that while walking in I did think, "Oh god, these people are probably thinking, poor little chubby girl who cant stop eating ice cream."

And I did feel like I needed to scream from the roof top, "I'm pregnant and the baby wants the ice cream it's not me!" When I got home I of course did the math just to see what I had gotten myself into. Hmmmmm 230 calories 7.5 grams of fat. Actually I'm ok with's not the best choice ever and I'm sure carb wise it's a horrible choice but while I'm tossing my cookies it works and I could always drop the cone from the mix and it would bring the calories down to about 150. At least if I go to the store I can control the amount and I'm not waking up at 2 am eating ice cream. Bonus I got it at Braums and it cost me a whopping $1.35! Pretty good deal!

Now that I've been up since 4am, I'm tired again, imagine that... Time for a power nap! Have a great day today!

xoxo chef a


sharyn said...

Now your thinking like a pregnant woman with morning sickness. If it doesn't burn coming up, it's worth going down. Pregnancy has a funny way of helping us make good decisions to get through the unpleasantries of this difficult phase for some of us. I remember it having the effect of "FEELING LIKE A KID AGAIN". Really who else but a 6 year old craves kraft macaroni and cheese, but if you think about it, it's very gently to the gut and chock full of precious childhood memories. Now once my nausea subsided, tasty old favorites like goobers peanut butter and jelly in a jar and olive loaf on white bread with mayo were my staples all the way until the 9th month.
Next time the mood strikes you to visit Braums, enjoy the visit knowing it always tastes great no matter what form it takes, and I suggest omitting the cone until the nausea subsides!!
Miss U

Amanda said...

Sadly for me, my kids always dialed up for something like a double-quarter-pounder.

My sister's fetal-daughter is politely requesting fresh fruit and whole grains.

I had boys. I wonder if that's the key... LOL