Thursday, February 19, 2015


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Nervous energy.... 
From the time I can remember I've been a leg shaker... My leg can shake about a mile a minute. Sometimes it goes so fast that those close to me can hear it shaking...
Tonight it might even be going two miles an minute...

Tomorrow Levi is having surgery...
He has been sick for awhile now. It started kind of quietly when he was 2. We brushed it off as allergies. Around 2 1/2 we added asthma to the mix which no one even thought was weird since my brother Adam and I had terrible childhood asthma (I actually spent most of the preteen years on steroids.) So when the hives started around age three we took note but still just treated the symptoms and went along our merry way. 

Unfortunately, in the last year things have gotten worse... Hives every couple of months turned into hives every other day. Once we got the hives under control the asthma would flare up. Most days he is very tired and in the mornings he feels awful... Levi has been on some sort of antibiotic for the last 14 weeks and nothing has made a dent. He feels terrible and he somehow pushes on because well honestly I'm not sure he knows that the discomfort he feels is actually not normal. 
Since September of this year we have been to 16 doctors appointments, Levi has had 12 tubes of blood taken (which if you'd ask him, he would really like returned), 6 swab cultures, ct scans. X-rays, and enough poking and prodding to last a lifetime, but thankfully we finally have some answers..

Levi has an IgA deficiency.  In a nutshell it means that his immune system is not producing enough of the antibodies that help him fight some infections. In Levi case, it is a horrible sinus infection that has pretty much taken up shop with no desire to leave and is very resistant. 

So tomorrow Levi is having a major surgery to create drains in his sinuses and they will try to remove as much infection as they can while they are in there. They are also going to take his adenoids! 

I'm a nervous wreck... We would really love all of your prayers not only for a smooth surgery tomorrow but also some prayers for his body to start working hard to fight back. We need all of the antibodies to amp up and give him an immune system so that he can focus of filling up his brain with knowledge instead of infection! So please think good thoughts and send him as much juju as possible!!

Xoxo chef a

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