Thursday, April 28, 2011


On the IPOD "Set Fire To The Rain" By: ADELE

Ive decided that the only way to be skinny while being a full time working mom is to have money and a nanny! I mean a nanny is not an option for us so I'm going to have to come up with a better solution, not that skinny is really even in my personal vocabulary... But I do want to be healthier so something has got to give! Levi and I get up for work between 5-6 am, Mike works till 7:30pm and lately Levi likes to scream for about 2 hours each night starting as early as 5 and ending sometimes as late as 9:30, which tends to make leaving to go workout at night difficult to say the least and early morning workouts are completely out of the question. So where does a girl find the time I ask you?

To be honest it is not helping that I am really having a hard time accepting my post baby body issues... between the numb looser tummy I've been sporting since the c-section and my boobs that spent way too many countless hours attached to a pump... Lets just say that it is definitely affecting my self esteem which in turn makes it harder to make the steps to do something about it. So lately I've been making myself feel better the only way I know how to...with food!

But I'm done... mainly because it's just not working obviously... I'm officially back on the quest to deal with my shit without the help of an m&m! And I'm also giving myself permission to put my needs first for at least a 1/2 hour a day because in the long run everyone wins with a happier Amanda!

xoxo chef a

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Amanda said...

Hee... one M&M won't do your eating plan in. It's the second, third, seventh, twentieth... at least that's my experience ;)

And good for you, making an active choice to get 30 minutes to yourself! You've got to do that at some point, truly, and at Levi's age babies are a bit, uhm, quirky. Add to that, as you said, the post c-section stuff, the breast pump, and it's enough to drive a new mother around the bend.

The mommy wars don't help either. Looking back at all the stuff I stressed about, it was such a small part of my children's lives. But at that very moment it was their entire lives!

Speaking as a much more elderly Amanda (LOL) this too shall pass. Levi will chill, and your life will start to be a bit less insane. It won't ever go back to the old version of "normal", but everything will level out.